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Uncut diamond necklace studded with a row of rubies, paired up with matching small jhumkas. Founded in the 1970’s the brand has quickly acquired international success and in the 1980’s the company was already relocated in Geneva, which remained to this day its headquarters. The Michele della Valle brand has been offering a wide variety of high jewellery creations appropriate for the red carpet usage, and not only. The amount of cash you will have to transfer from your bank account can go anywhere from 70,000 US Dollars to 80,000 USD.

One thing is clear though, wherever and however it may be worn, the Ruby and Diamond Bib Necklace is no casual item. A close look at its weavings display a four strain starting point from which the richness of the ‘bib’ develops. Its stunning amount of rubies and diamonds make it a very exclusive necklace and, just like many other objects from its class, it requires special attention when handling and wearing. The four initial rows of rubies are multiplied and mingled with, as to create the impression of delicate spring flowers on an exotic necklace.

Since there is so much technical input and such a huge amount of very precious and costly gemstones adorn the necklace, the price should seem only fair.
Nevertheless, the Ruby and Diamond Bib Necklace reminds us that some things are only for the privileged few, namely the rich, and eventually famous.

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