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I frequently get asked why someone should choose to see an audiologist instead of just getting mail-order hearing aids. The look and feel of the casing, the battery door, the piece of plastic that sits in the ear canal — none of it is high quality.
Additionally, background noise is not removed at all, and many describe sounds as akin to a cheap transistor radio. Lower-cost hearing devices come with fewer options and less ability to process the signal in background noise.
By having someone else voice their view on what you may be missing, we can help pinpoint where we can help the most. Due to each patient’s individual needs, we need to take time to truly understand their situation before making any recommendations. Still, if cost factors are really an issue, it is good to know that a less-expensive device only costs a little more than the $400 you were originally going to throw away.

AudigyCertified™ practices offer trial periods to ensure that a customized process has successfully been started and that your investment is a good decision. The current cost for a hearing aid in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa is $1,000–$4,000. From a sound quality standpoint, if you were to examine the sounds that these devices amplify, it is often louder but is not set up to match the individual’s hearing loss.
Also, when the hearing aid breaks or if the individual has a question, where do they go for help?
It is important to know how to properly insert, remove, and clean the device, as well as change the battery.
She is a long time resident of the Quad Cities and has provided hearing aid services to people of all ages. This holiday season, take notice of what you are missing out on, and imagine how much better you could be doing if you had exceptional care and professional judgment. There are no local places that can serve them because no one has the parts or the programming capabilities.

There is even a danger that some sounds could cause more hearing loss if the settings are at unsafe levels. If they are lucky, they may have kept the original address or phone number so they can send the device back to the factory, hopefully receiving it back in a couple weeks. In my professional opinion, adjusting hearing aids is like adjusting your training for a marathon. While the average life of a hearing aid is about five years, it is not unusual for patients to get six to eight years or more from some devices.
But worst of all, after two to three months of trying to hear and finally giving up, it’s a waste of $400, which could have been spent on something much more valuable.

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