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The Fleshmap "Listen" project consists of data visualization charts which show what body parts feature most in different musical genres. The main chart shows 11 genres - alternative, blues, country, electronica, folk, gospel, metal, hip hop, jazz, R&B and rock. Each genre can also be viewed separately - the size of the body part image corresponds to how popular that body part was.
The brain completely controls the body; it is responsible for the thought and actions that produced this article. The four main parts of the brain are the cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem and limbic system. The cerebellum is considered one of the older parts of the brain, meaning that on an evolutionary scale it was developed sooner than the cerebrum.

The parts of the brain called the temporal lobes (TLs) play a critical role in storing and retrieving memories. What the creators did was to compile more than 10,000 songs where they tracked how often each body part appears in a particular musical genre. Only two genres are shown here - gospel and jazz as the other diagrams will not pass the Trendhunter censor!
The brain is responsible for thought, emotion, perception, memory, learning, movement and the coordinated regulation of the entire body. Nerves send information from limbs and organs to the brain and the brain sends messages through these nerves back to various parts of the body.
The parietal lobe, found at the top of the brain, is also used for movement, perception and recognition.

The importance of the cerebellum is made clear when someone receives damage to this part of the brain---such an injury often leads to uncoordinated movement and slowness. Heading the top of hip hop's most favourite body part is "ass" - 23.64% of this genre's songs.
Adjacent to the cerebellum is the brain stem, which extends from the center of the brain to the spine.
At the bottom of the cerebrum is the temporal lobe, which is used for hearing, memory and speaking.

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