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One of the most iconic cities worldwide, sharpens our sense of sight and smell, enraptures us once again with an emblematic exhibition. From March 22nd to April 4th, 2013, the National Galleries of the Grand Palais of Paris will be paying tribute to one of the most famous fragrances of the prestigious brand Christian Dior.
In 2013, sixty-six years later, Dior gives carte blanche to 20 female artists originating from all around the world who are inspired by the perfume to give wings to their creativity. In the exhibition, unpublished works by Lee Bull, Joana Vascondelos, Carole Benzaken and even Liang Yuanwei will be unveiled. An original and unifying exhibition concept, around a perfume that became part of the collective memory. Derby Hotels CollectionAnyone with a special interest in culture will find in DHC Magazine a reference to consult. The Fabulous new Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara featured in the glamourous new beauty campaign with Natalie Portman was launched yesterday. Alongside the new Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara Dior has also launched the following products so you can complete the  perfect dramatic eye look.
When I ran out of Hypnose, I was curious to try another popular mascara that has generated so much buzz (if not more than Hypnose).
I picked the Diorshow Blackout mascara, since it promises intense pigment, volume and length. Diorshow Black Out does not use artificial dyes whereas Lancome Hypnose contains Ferric Ferrocyanide.

Just when you think you narrow down a few mascaras to try, here comes Virtuose, worn here by Lancome's new face Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann, daughter of former Lancome spokesmodel Isabella Rossellini. I don’t have oily eyelids or skin so makeup does not tend to smear or slide off my eyes or face. Personally, I find Hypnose lengthens more than the Diorshow Black Out, even though both are incredibly lengthening mascaras. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The product is a follow-up to the iconic Diorshow Mascara, but boasts a new curved brush to help maximize curl, and includes plant nectar and abyssinia oil in the formula to strengthen lashes. Tracing a decade full of glamour, Shaw has captured behind-the-scenes fittings, salon shoots, runway shows along with editorial-style photographs of models and actresses posing in Dior’s ballgowns and day-suits. And once you have used a great mascara like Hypnose (by Lancome), you can never go back to cheap drug store brands again! Diorshow has a variety of mascaras that are all the rage these days, reaching a monstrous cult status quickly after their launch. By the way, both Hypnose and Diorshow Blackout mascaras cost US$24.00 each so it made me all the more curious as to which one does better. However, I noticed a little bit of smudging under my lower lashes after a full day of Diorshow Black Out, where as Hypnose stayed all day without smudging. With Diorshow Black Out, I have to apply 2 coats to achieve the chubby false lash effect, which is really wonderful by the way, but with Hypnose, I felt that one coat was already giving me the false lash effect.

Bad Gal clumped on me for some reason whereas Hypnose defines, curls and volumizes very well.
Neither flaked or smeared though.A I have to say that Black Out does feel a little more moisturizing on my lashes, which could be why it smudged off a little towards the end of the day. Because Diorshow is ultra black, it does give the illusion that the lashes are really thick when you apply 2 coats though. Diorshow Black Out mascara has better ingredients, but Hypnose volumizes and lengthens better, and it stays put all day.
Lancome’s Hypnose is a superb stand-alone product, so cost-wise, Hypnose is really all you need if you want incredibly high curling, volumizing and lengthening effects in one mascara. It only lasts me about 2 months (which I guess is fine since you’re supposed to dispose after 3) but I am particular about consistency. I am thoroughly surprised, and pleased.I actually WOULD like Diorshow best, but it makes the lashes so dry!

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