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When they first came on the scene, we thought they might be something of a novelty accessory. When we spotted the girl above in NYC, she was wearing just one—because it’s that much of a statement earring. Seriously, though: the official word on from Dior is that the tribal earring may be “worn alone or as a pair.” So how would you do it?
A short-lived hard-to-get piece that would make a splash and disappear like so many other limited edition luxury items.
I'm a bit late to the knock-off game on these because apparently they've been so popular that Dior raised the initial price of $290 to $400 since everyone's been scooping them up.

I got the pearl ones which are very lightweight - on the one hand, they don't feel very sturdy, but on the other hand, they'd be terribly uncomfortable to wear if they were any heavier! But they’ve hung on and evolved from pearls (made of resin, mind you) into bright colors and mixed metals, and we’re more in love with the look than ever. One thing we like about the one-earring look is that it makes these beauties more affordable, haha. Hopefully the Baublebar pair will be better quality although I can't say they feel super solid. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by The Budget Babe.

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