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Author: admin | 05.01.2016 | Category: Ginkgo Biloba Tinnitus

Today I would like to share two of my favorite pieces from Dior's Spring Collection, Kingdom of Colors. From time to time Dior releases a limited edition mono eye shadow which knocks me off my socks. I have already tried to capture the beauty of Diorshow Mono #045 Fairy Grey on pictures but photos fall short. Below I am wearing Diorshow Mono #045 Fairy Grey all over the lid, MAC Brun on the outer corner and Chanel Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner Smokey Grey along the upper and lower lash line. After all this "must have" speech, now I have to tell you something, this baby does fall out. What is your feeling about a bit of glitter fall out, would you tolerate it or is it a no go? Designerwear2u offer an extensive range of high end mens designer labels at the best possible prices.
I love the tuxedo inspiration with the asymmetrical line of buttons traveling from the plunging v-neckline down to the front split opening of the skirt.

I have swatched the pieces I have picked up and during the process, I was so excited to find out that the grey mono was not just another grey but it has lovely multi color glitters inside.
I am still in love with Angelique (Trianon Edition, reviewed here) and Pavillon (Transat Edition, reviewed here). Both of the items in this post might not be available to the States so if you see them please leave a comment below. With huge names such as Stone Island, Armani, Hugo Boss and many more we have something for every style and budget. Ranging from jackets and jumpers from Stone Island and Paul & Shark to jeans and t-shirts from Armani and Hugo Boss.
This year when I saw that there is a grey, I didn't have high hopes because grey and silvers tend to look ashy on my complexion.
However if you would like to build it up by itself, I recommend that you go for a wet application. The fall out during application can be prevented if you apply your base afterwards but it also produces fall out during the day.

Our buyers are always looking for the latest trends and big names in mens designer brands to bring you the best collections season after season. We offer a large selection from all the biggest names in mens designer fashion at prices to suit every budget and to suit your individual style. Dior┬áhas become a symbol of quality and exclusivity and its internally renowned brand is instantly┬árecognisible. Dakota accessorized with crystal-embellished black ankle strap sandals, and jewelry from Jennifer Fisher–including a dazzling diamond slice choker.
But the best of it all, I love this shade, it is a lovely coral which is not too bright and doesn't wash me out (yes bright corals does this to me sometimes).
I know many glittery pretty eye shadows do that, such like MAC's pressed pigments, so I somehow came to terms with it.

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