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That said, we know you’re cleaning your ears with Q-tips, even though everyone says you shouldn’t. The most basic issue is that using a Q-tip is probably doing the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. The skin inside your ear canal is also really, really sensitive, so scraping around in there with a stick wrapped in cotton can scratch it, which leaves you open to ear infections.
The worst thing you can do is to pierce the eardrum with the end of the Q-tip, which hurts like hell and can take weeks or months to heal (and that’s assuming you don’t also get some massive infection). If you go too far down the ear canal with the swab, you can literally put a Q-tip-sized hole in your eardrum.

If there’s wax buildup that’s bugging you, Chang recommends buying an ear syringe at the drugstore and flushing the ear gently with body-temperature water. As a rule of thumb, Chang says not to put the swab in so far that you can’t see the cotton anymore. Your intention is to get earwax out, but you’re probably just packing it deeper in there, which can plug up your ear canal and make you feel stuffy or itchy, or can interfere with your hearing.
If an infection gets really bad you can get swimmer’s ear, which is when the skin swells up so much that it completely closes the ear canal. Chang says that usually when he sees this it’s because the patient was cleaning her ear, and her boyfriend came into the bathroom, startling her and causing her to jerk her arm. You should probably just leave them be, and go to an ENT if the wax situation is getting out of hand. Surely you’ve heard the horror stories about a friend of a friend of a friend piercing their eardrum (or maybe you watch Girls and have yet to scrub the memory of Hannah’s Q-tip scene out of your head).
If the ear canal is totally blocked with wax you can get tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing in the ear. Hydrogen peroxide and other OTC solutions (like Debrox and Murine) are OK, but they can irritate and dry out your skin.

The first centimeter in is cartilage, which has a little give when you press against it, and the skin is slightly tougher there. Depending on how big the hole is, it may close up completely in a week.” More severe cases can take a couple months to heal, and in the worst-case scenario, surgery is required. Make sure you follow the directions carefully, and you should probably consult your doctor first. And how bad is it that no matter how many times you’re told to stop you know that you’re never going to drop the habit? If it happens to you, call a doctor right away and definitely don’t put any water in your ear because it could trigger an infection. There’s no give there, and that’s where the eardrum connects, so consider it the danger zone. Conveniently, the cotton head on a Q-tip is about 1 cm long, so stopping there ought to keep you relatively safe.

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