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Acrylic bracelet display,acrylic jewelry display,bracelet holder,acrylic jewelry display stand,acrylExquisite and unique acrylic jewellery display. Acrylic jewelry display stand1.An Plexiglas display holder will peak customer interest and awareness. Fashionable acrylic jewelry display stand HS-JD026Acrylic jewelry display stand We're professional manufacturer of acrylic product such as acrylic display stand, menu holder, wine holder, photo frame, cosmetic and jewelry showcase, etc.
Clear acrylic jewelry display stand, 3 tier bangle bracelet bar holderClear acrylic jewelry display stand, 3 tier bangle bar Acrylic jewelry display, bangle bar and bracelet stand. The Earring Chest was designed in conjunction with a customer who needed a place for all her earrings. This 10-drawer heart-shaped jewelry box has four vertical drawers for hanging necklaces and chains, one drawer for rings, and one hidden drawer.
This Heart-Shaped Chest has thirteen drawers:  the two tall drawers are for necklaces and chains.

This unusual heart-shaped jewelry chest is made primarily for hanging necklaces.  It has five vertical drawers, but six openings. Discount Price Generic Clear Acrylic Box Jewelry Bead Storage Container Craft Organizer 3 tiers on sale.
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These Plexiglas display holder products are available with vertical, angled, or curved frames.
For this new box, I just modified my model 21 pattern, I removed one of the necklace drawers off the side of the box, reduced the height just a little bit, reshaped the necklace drawer, and came up with a new pattern. There is, of course, only one necklace drawer, but it still has the ring drawer for your rings, it has a hidden drawer for your special jewelry and keepsake items, and it still has the lift out tray.
The compartments get a little larger as you go towards the bottom drawer, which is divided in half for larger items.

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