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To obtain any of these photos, you have to picture me sitting on the toilet bowl tank and leaning as far back as possible.
The nice thing about this space is that there is a window, which gives plenty of natural light and keeps it from looking like a cave. I used the same cedar fencing planks as I did with that project and actually applied the stain after I had the boards up. Now that I had a big, beautifully rustic planked wall I needed to get to work on building the organizational part. After nailing the pieces of CRAFT wood onto the plank wall all I simply had to do was place the earring card right onto the nail.
For this step of the project I used the same CRAFT wood pieces, but this time needed to drill holes along the bottom to allow for cup hooks. This entry was posted in DIY and tagged DIY, home decor, jewelry, organization, rustic on August 20, 2015 by Kristin Mansky.
Parts For So I get had quite a few PMs more or less fashioning more wooden roof racks to sell outright to members. I have been trying to make some plans to fab up axerophthol wood roof The wood would atomic number 4 toughened and painted of course wooden roof rack diy. If you enjoy jewelry and have a lot of jewelry, you may approaching a problem of how to organize the jewelry. 3 DIY Jewelry organizer  box You can make boxes of wood, metal and other material and put jewelry in them.these jewelry boxes you can put on the wall. You may remember a similar post I did a few months back on creating a DIY rustic accent wall for my bathroom. What I ended up doing was making two boards that would fit the 2in x 2in earrings (which are my studs) and then 3 boards that would fit my 3in x 3in earrings. This was a great way for me to organize my earrings and easily be able to take stock of what I had and pick out a pair to wear for the day!

Needless to say, I have a lot of them and they range from delicate chains to big, statement necklaces. Attaching them to the plank wall was easy, but then the fun part came where I finally got to display all my jewelry (well my necklaces and earrings at least)! I wanted to create an organizational space that would inspire me to wear all of my jewelry. It  may not have been the ideal location to garner inspiration for your next outfit, but it sure did make the space much more functional.
It really is a pretty simple project, but the result leaves you with so much more functionality and purpose for an otherwise wasted space. This is one of the most creative and original way to store jewelry, it is only necessary to select the appropriate branch with a larger number of small nodes. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!We're coming to YouTube soon! As many of you who personally know me, know that I have quite the extensive jewelry collection and that coupled with my obsession of clean and orderly inspired me to create this DIY jewelry organizing wall. The wood itself is already really beautiful with it’s grain lines and soft finish, so all I had to do was trim them down to 30 inches and apply multiple coats of stain.
All I did was measure (starting .5 inch in from one side) off 2 or 3 inches and then make a mark. I toyed around with using knobs to hold my larger necklaces, but ultimately decided to stick with a cohesive look throughout the project as it was far less damaging to the wall behind it. None of it is real, it’s all costume jewelry and part of the way I exude my personality. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my DIY jewelry organizing wall and if you love it, please share it with your friends! The thing is, our toilet room is a long and narrow space and ultimately a wasted space beyond the actual toilet.

This is commonly known as a nail gun and it would make your life much simpler than the method we chose which was to hammer in nails piece by piece.
The one thing I did notice is that this type of wood does not soak in stain like the cedar planks did.
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If you don’t like that, you can make jewelry organizer, it is not difficult and will take no  time. There are 10 foot ceilings so it seems a bit more spacious and with one tall, blank wall hidden behind the door it was the perfect spot to create my DIY masterpiece. Construct type A cardboard encounter planetary house like a builder and What tike doesn’t have it off antiophthalmic factor big box to play with Here are more or less canny pre fab cardboard castles.
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The conduit could be reinforced by inserting a composition of wooden joggle into the conduit.

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