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The debate on men’s earrings revolves around trend and sexuality in modern days though the trend has been followed by humans since 3000 B.C. Today earrings for men has taken up a style privilege and most men think it adds on to their personality and style, well that’s in fact true though there are other misconceptions that piercing ears denotes sexual preferences in men.
We would love to see the dazzling earrings on Women’s ears dangling in beauty and singing in perfect tune with their attires.
From ancient time, long ear lobes were considered as a sense of spirituality and men followed the reigns of their ancestors and wore earrings to elongate their lobes.
Though boys are made to remove their earrings unlike girls in most families, they grow up and find these custom too fascinating and perhaps add much too their beauty and personality and get to have the best  diamond earrings for men and get them pierced with a beautiful stud just to enhance their popularity among peers. Wearing earrings also improves their hidden strengths and showcases them as powerful adults in college and of course helps them to impress the other sex among peers.  Most guys started to select diamond earrings for men to adorn their lobes and to enhance their beauty, forcing a tough competition for diamond studs. Some doctors choose diamond earrings for men as the acupuncture centre for vision lies in the centre of the ear lobe. The tradition of wearing earrings dates back to many civilization, and ancient hunters pierced their ears with some sharp stone or bones, to symbolize his spoke of power and his ability to conquer dangerous endeavours.
Use of horns and teeth to pierce ears symbolized his difficult path in finding a survival and his ability to mate, hunt and to lead his group. The concept of finding diamond earrings for men has evolved to be a comfortable way of expressing their style sense and their wealth, perhaps to steal positive looks from peers of the opposite sex. To have the top diamond earrings for men, one has to concentrate mostly as Round cut diamond studs with a silver basket or background to it, that are just of 0.25 Ct. Though illusion tunnel stainless steel earrings and men unisex huggie stainless steel earrings are also on the hit list, most people prefer to select diamond earring for men, as it not just looks decent and stylish, and also imparts a social status of the bearer. Typical users of these diamond studs are in the hip-hop and rap industry, from where we should say the tradition actually spread among young boys.
Before opting to choose diamond earrings for men, it is wise to analyze if his profession allows him to wear such studs as these are not allowed in some corporate.
Type of metal of the earring is also to be considered, as bright yellow metal are considered feminine and most boys prefer earrings made from platinum, diamonds, silver and steel  as they also yield a certain amount of ruggedness. For those who fear the pain of piercing ears, magnetic earrings have also evolved and more recently with precious gem stones to prevent teens from pain and allergies. And never forget the 4 Cs when you find diamond earrings for men, which includes inspecting the cut, clarity, color and the carat weight, and of course the GIA certification for pure diamonds.
Once you choose diamond earring for men, there are some common mistakes you should never commit to avoid running the risk of spoiling the entire concept of wearing studs.
Though these diamond earrings add a spark to your entire appearance, never try to wear them while playing sports, to avoid getting them dirty and damaged. Match your attires in perfect tune with your earrings and try wearing them with a pair of jean and t-shirt to enhance your looks and your style. When it comes to diamond studs, try to wear a simple stone with a round or diamond cut, for that itself has a tendency to sparkle and stand out a little more. It’s high time for all guys to complete their looks with men’s diamond earrings and to choose from hundredths of styles and designs to enhance their looks and it’s time for girls to start gifting back their guys and get the best diamond earrings for men as their heart pleasing special day gifts. This entry was posted in Diamond Earrings and tagged diamond earrings, Diamond Earrings for men, diamond jewelry, Earrings for men by Diamond Jewelry.
My boy is 9 and a half and has developed a personality that likes to “stand out from the crowd”, as he puts it. As part of this personality, he’s taken to wearing a short-brimmed hat when we go out to special occasions. Later in the evening, the musician playing next to our table saw we were enjoying his tunes. We like to think we’re fairly progressive parents when it comes to lifestyles and we’re cool with earrings.
My boy used to wear a ring, probably in retrospect an early manifestation of this standing out from the crowd thing. But we wanted him to think it through and prepare himself for how he might be treated by the conforming masses might confront him. But I wanted to know how he would he handle it when the kids at school made fun of him or accused him of being gay because he wore earrings. We watch Modern Family and have lots of gay friends, so he knows being gay is great if that’s what you are. I have seen and been exposed to a lot of truly annoying self-absorbed, disrespectful brats over the years. By all means I am not saying this is who you are but many parents want to be their kids friends and be cool.
My kids are grown and fortunately, I wasn’t confronted with e the ear ring thing but was very much confronted with other issues. You have a lot of years in front of you to be cool, but for now you’re the dad and believe me when I (dad of two grown kids) tell you, you’re son will respect you for your decisions. As for the tattoo conversation, it has some similarities but its different than the piercing conversation.
I appreciate hearing that your son’s experiences were positive and I like that it happened at age 11. As for some other comments, generally they have been respectful, helpful and generous of spirit. Jay, I just wanted to congratulate you on raising a boy that isn’t afraid to stand out, or be different. I hope, when I have children, I can inspire the same confidence and self belief in mine that you have. At age 13 my nephew (who is an awesome kid- no trouble, good grades, etc.) wanted to grow his hair out all headbanger-like. A few years later, the same thing happened with my niece and her punk blue streaks in her hair. If you do move forward with it, PLEASE ask around and find a good (and licensed) piercer in your area. You obviously take a hard line on these issues and that’s fine but it’s how you approach them can make a difference.

The kids that I work with (adolescent teen boys) become very comfortable with clear set enforced boundaries. Se voce faz parte do grupo dos que tem apenas um furo em cada orelha, e importante pensar antes para ter certeza da sua decisao. Se voce se decidiu e quer mesmo fazer mais furos na orelha, e importante definir quem ira fazer o servico.
As hastes dos brincos de farmacias sao parecidas com alfinetes, eles tambem sao desenvolvidos de forma que a tarraxa nao aperte demais a orelha, ja que existe uma especie de “freio” que faz com que ela fique encaixada na ponta. Em se tratando de dor, o metodo utilizado nas farmacias faz com que o furo seja feito de forma rapida, o que acaba causando menos dor.
Os brincos sao vendidos em pares, portanto, voce tera que usar mais de um par para colocar em todos os furos. Entretanto, existem pessoas mais “ousadas” que gostam de brincos de tamanhos consideraveis em todos os furos.
Visual Equilibrado: Combine um brinco maior, ou do tamanho que preferir, no furo principal e coloque brincos menores nos outros. Argolas: Os brincos de argolas sao bastante usados por pessoas com varios furos nas orelhas, principalmente pelos homens.
Depois de furar as orelhas e importante tomar alguns cuidados para que cicatrize e nao inflame. Dica 2: O tempo que o brinco deve permanecer varia em relacao a parte da orelha em que o furo foi feito. Dica 4: Uma vez ao dia, e com as maos limpas, gire o brinco na sua orelha em sentido horario e em anti horario.
Dica 5: Tome cuidado para que nada enrosque no seu brinco novo e acabe machucando a sua orelha. 4g would be really cute, and it wouldn't be big enough to be a turn off to the preppier chicks (; go for it (wisely)! Modern times ponder much hindrance to choose diamond earrings for men, as the old customs have almost been forgotten.
A lot of business revolves around girl’s earrings for their passion for the same and no doubt numerous designs and patterns with different metals are available in market in recent days. The concept though was not accepted by the modern society for decades, has broken all obstacles and has emerged as a well-accepted fact of today. Karnaveda or ear piercing is the ceremony followed in Hindu religion to pierce ears for both sexes at an early age of life. Modern people’s ability to choose diamond studs for men rooted from here and has got moulded to be defined as specific style statements for them as civilisation improved.
As most men do not prefer dangling and chandelier type of earrings, studs are mostly preferred and manufactured for the male population.
It is equally important to analyze if our culture and tradition allows us to pierce our ears. Though most guys prefer simple studs with square or dice cut, symbols depicting US dollars also is popular as it symbolizes power and wealth. And refrain from wearing hoops and large diamond earrings to refrain from being criticized feminine.
Nothing wrong with that, of course, but kids can be cruel to anyone who is different for any reason. We don’t want to rush into it and want to give him time to decide this is really what he wants. Kids at your sons age needs a dad more then anything, a dad that is clear in what he desires of his son. I sometimes struggle with providing firmness, but I believe as I think you do that this is the essence of good parenting. I’ve had the piercing conversation in many places recently and it almost always runs into an interesting conversation about tattooing. Your parenting has clearly given him the confidence to be himself, and that is all anybody can really ask from a parent.
I am so proud and excited to be having such a thoughtful conversation about this with my kid. You’re introducing a structural weakness that literally anyone on the street can pinpoint and exploit. I’m worried about what nasty conformist pre-teens will do to his self-esteem if they think he is different in any way. It’s one thing when you tell a small child “no” but it’s another when the child is 9 and can understand a parents rationale. At times I shake my head in disbelief while I walk around a mall and wonder what the parents of these kids were thinking. As I said in my earlier post, a lot of parents want to be “friends” with their kids and not be a parent to them.
First day I had to speak to a few parents about what was acceptable attire and had to ask that the 7th grade girls not wear makeup, tight tank tops and very short skirts. We’ve seen a clear loss of parental authority where, as I said before, some parents are more interested in being a child friend then the parent. Hoje em dia nao e dificil encontrar pessoas com dois, tres ou ate mais furos em uma mesma orelha. O mais comum e que se combine um brinco maior, no furo principal, com brincos menores nos furos extras, estes brincos menores podem ser do tipo ponto de luz, de bolinhas ou qualquer outra opcao mais discreta que nao ofusque a atencao do principal. Na verdade nao existem regras, voce deve escolher os brincos que mais combinarem com o seu estilo.
Nesse caso e interessante criar um efeito de aumento das argolas, com uma maior no furo principal e menores nos outros furos. Os brincos vendidos em farmacias contam com uma especie de manual que fala exatamente por quanto tempo o brinco deve permanecer na orelha.
E natural que, ao colocar um novo brinco e em um local em que nao havia nenhum, se fique mexendo com frenquencia na orelha. Isso evita que as secrecoes sequem e acabem “colando” o brinco na orelha, causando dor na hora de retira-lo.

Roupas, cabelos ou outros objetos podem enroscar no brinco, portando, tome o maximo de cuidado quando for realizar atividades que oferecam esse risco.
Evite que o furo recente entre em contato com shampoos, condicionadores e ouro tipo de produto, pelo menos nos primeiros dias.
Conheca tambem os brincos de madeira, bastante usados por pessoas que tem um visual alternativo. While men claim that it is women who are hard to decipher, the truth is actually the opposite. I think they look good on guys and girls tunnels are noticable in 4 ga I like that about them .. Princess cut square diamond unisex stud earrings are also on the hit list for those who choose diamond earrings for men. Problem was, it never healed properly so I was constantly dealing with bleeding and gross ooze. As an active father and "primary parent" to 3 kids, Jay is committed to expanding the domestic roles and responsibilities of dads—starting with his own role in his own family. All the things he taught me, all the times that I resented him for his perceived strictness are all the times that I wish he was here for me to tell him he was so cool and so right. One of the things that my son said during these conversations is that what his family thinks about this issue is very important to him.
Rules and guidelines and expectations help kids grow well, just like a tomato plant needs stakes so that its fruits can find the sun and have room to blossom. Perhaps a preliminary visit to a reputable piercer in your city would be enough to satisfy your son for awhile?
The earlobe stretching resulting from plugs is something he should decide upon as an adult. He was told that he could get it at that age but he had to earn the privilege with good grades, good behavior, etc. I love that you allow him to be an individual and that he feels enough love and acceptance to be that individual. Ours is far from the only culture that does this–as a matter of fact, ALL cultures engage in forms of temporary or permanent body altering. Follow their healing instructions carefully, and keep in mind that allergies to metals are not that rare–I had surgical steel in my nose recently, which is generally considered to be the least allergy-inducing metal. What’s frustrating to me is that many kids conform to parent wishes when their feet are put to the fire.
Essa moda surgiu nos anos 80, mas na epoca nem todos aderiram, e ela foi pegando forca aos poucos, no decorrer do tempo.
Mesmo que ele se feche e seja impossivel recolocar o brinco, a marca ira permanecer por bastante tempo.
Alem do furo, elas ja comercializam os brincos que possuem o formato ideal para perfurar a orelha. O funcionario ira encosta-lo no local da orelha em que voce deseja que o furo seja feito e apertar o “gatilho”.
Aqui estamos dando dicas para que a combinacao fique harmonica e nao prejudique a sua orelha. Ja nos casos em que a cartilagem e que foi furada, pode ser necessario esperar de 2 a 3 meses para retirar o brinco.
When men wear them there is a good chance he is saying something that you do not want to hear.
Now, if he’s wearing more jewelry than you or if he takes your earrings to wear, you may have a problem. The dread locks were actually my idea which really surprised him in that he thought of getting them but didn’t have the nerve. I was still getting a bump and went back to my piercer who told me to take it out right away. No doubt, though, we are always watching out for inappropriate or unhealthy attention-seeking behaviour. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “if you’re too strict, they will rebel” I would have several hundred dollars. Alem de correr o risco de infeccoes, ha tambem o de nao aguentar a dor e nao conseguir fazer o furo ate o fim. Estes brincos sao esterilizados e feitos em material seguro para a pele, o que reduz de forma significativa o risco de infeccoes. Umedeca os bastoes na solucao e va aplicando delicadamente na orelha ao redor do brinco, faca isso dos dois lados. Do it for you- if you like it, it becomes part of you and how you present yourself as a whole.
While women do not technically disagree with this fashion statement, many do wonder just what it is that a man is trying to say when he sports jewelry in his ears. You might be classed in the same group as the Einsteins, Edisons, daVincis, Darwins, Picassos, Michelangelos, Galileos, Freuds, and Mozarts. Let your attitudes toward elementary school aged girls pierced ears guide your response to your son.
For beauty, as a sign of change or rebellion or conformity, to show status, to mark a moment, to be able to wear a certain ornament, to identify with spirits or ancestors or deities, to show group membership, to show gender distinctions.” Sounds legit to me! Creativity and intelligence are different things and it is now understood that the creative are the leaders of our culture, not the highest IQ’s, and CERTAINLY not the normals who blend in and hide their light.
I am a competitive gymnast and that also makes people for some reason think your gay but I could just deal with it.
I believe if you squash the creative difference in a helpless 10 year old with ignorance, you possible kill the flame in someone who cold have cured cancer or ended war. Many people would comment on it (in a good way) so I think your son will like it if he gets his ears pierced.

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