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The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is a world leader, with a trained team of friendly and experienced advisers for anyone who experiences tinnitus or those simply seeking guidance or information about the condition.
Hearing aids are often prescribed by audiologists for patients who have a hearing loss with associated tinnitus.
Hearing loss is a common factor underlying tinnitus, although some people with normal hearing may also experience tinnitus.
Some studies have looked at the effect of hearing aids on every-day life for the tinnitus patient e.g. Since the introduction of digital hearing aids there can be more accurate tailoring of hearing aids to an individual and this has brought about an increase in the beneficial effect of hearing aids for tinnitus. Unlike the traditional ear mould, open-fit hearing aids use a very fine tube or a speaker placed in the ear canal to deliver sound. Although some people feel that their hearing loss is acceptable for their age, any hearing loss that causes problems should be treated.
Whichever approach is taken, it is important that the aid is fitted correctly by verifying the amount of sound being delivered to the ear by the hearing aid, particularly if you have tinnitus.
If you do purchase a hearing aid, make sure that it is covered by your insurance for loss or damage, both inside and outside your home.
Many hearing aids are susceptible to wax and moisture although some manufacturers coat their aids in an invisible waterproof membrane which provides a good level of protection. A change in sound quality can also be caused through a build-up of wax on (or in) the aid, or from damage to the aid. It usually takes just a few weeks to adapt to hearing aids and to get re-accustomed to normal levels of sound.
It is recommended that once a hearing loss has been identified that a hearing test should be performed every three years.
Sweetow, R, Evidence supporting the use of Zen as a tool for tinnitus and relaxation,WidexPress, 2011.
Our helpline staff are available to answer your questions on this and other tinnitus related topics on 0800 018 0527.
This information has been produced by the BTA and conforms to the Principles and Requirements of the Information Standard. Tinnitus is an abnormal perception of a sound, which is reported by patients as being unrelated to an external source of stimulation.
Objective tinnitus - This is a noise perceived by the patient as well as by another listener. Because the function of the auditory (hearing) nerve is to carry sound, when it is irritated from any cause, it produces head noise. Peripheral site lesion - One located on the auditory nerve or cochlea, and includes dysfunction established within the auditory system that extends up to, but not involving, the brainstem. Central site of lesion - This refers to involvement of the central auditory pathways, beginning at the brainstem and involving other portions of the central nervous system. This is demonstrated by patients who have had unyielding tinnitus after having surgery on their ear or incurring severe diseases of the ear. Abnormal neural activity - Tinnitus could be explained by abnormal neural activity in the auditory nerve fibers, which may occur if there is a partial breakdown of the myelin covering of individual fibers.
Chronic cochlear disorders - There may be increased spontaneous activity in the hair cells and neurons, resulting in tinnitus.
Medications - There are some drugs which will cause tinnitus, such as excessive aspirin intake. Tumors - On the hearing nerve or other problems in the brainstem or central nervous system. A complete cochleovestibular evaluation is necessary in all patients with severe, disabling tinnitus. The audiologist will attempt to do pitch-matching and loudness-matching when other forms of diagnostic tests fail. Listening to a fan or radio - This generally is more advantageous if one is attempting to go to sleep.

A tinnitus masker - This device is a small electronic instrument built into a hearing aid case. Avoidance - This includes making every attempt to avoid anxiety, as anxiety increases tinnitus.
Welcome to Denver Hearing Aid Stores online, part of the nationwide All American Hearing Network. We have 10 convenient, full-service locations in & around Denver to serve all your better hearing needs.
We know that while success is measured in the optimal hearing results we provide our patients, it’s important to go the extra mile to make sure our patients are informed and confident in the care they receive. We will provide comprehensive hearing care, a superior level of caring, and friendly professionalism. We will schedule your appointment as quickly as possible and do our very best to see you in a timely fashion. Affordable Hearing Centers are part of the All American Hearing Network, a national hearing healthcare company with over 300 offices in the continental United States. In Xino’s case, it’s a mini RIC with a longer lasting, 10A battery, configurable user control, and loaded with all of Starkey’s leading performance features. In this article we will explore the evidence to suggest how hearing aids might help and explain how to get a hearing aid and what to expect from it.
Loss of hearing is often an unnoticeable and gradual process and many people are surprised when they are told that they have a hearing loss. The aim of fitting hearing aids is to correct any such hearing loss with the possibility that this may help reduce the tinnitus. This allows amplification without blocking out desired external sound or causing any occlusion effect. Some audiology departments will fit a hearing aid where there is a slight hearing loss, usually with an open-fit hearing aid, as there is some evidence to suggest it might be helpful. This, in addition to amplifying sounds, provides extra low level sounds in order to try to help the habituation process (getting used to the tinnitus sound).
Your GP can refer you to a local audiology service for a hearing test and the fitting of a hearing aid. It can be said that there may be some benefit to buying hearing aids privately as doing so gives access to the latest technology with wireless communication accessories and miniaturisation.
If you feel that your hearing aid settings aren’t right for you, it is important to go back to your hearing aid supplier to check settings and make adjustments. It may occur with a hearing loss, vertigo, or pressure symptoms in the ear or it may occur alone. The auditory system involves highly complicated inner ear structures, many nerve pathways, and a great amount of nuclei that form a complex neural network.
There are two different kinds of afferent fibers in the auditory nerve: inner hair cell fibers with large diameters and outer hair cells fibers with small diameters. If you have tinnitus and are on medication, you should discuss the symptom of tinnitus with your physician.
The test battery used is an attempt to establish the site of lesion and to rule out any significant pathology which may require further treatment.
Since tinnitus is often high pitched, frequency judgments in this region normally are poor. In addition, an attempt may be made to determine the maskability of the tinnitus, which is unrelated to its loudness. It consists of exercises the patient learns in order to control various parts of the body and relax the muscles. A person with tinnitus should avoid losing sleep and becoming fatigued, because, generally, patients who are tired seem to notice their tinnitus more. We invite you to call or visit the Affordable Hearing Center nearest you and make an appointment for a Free Hearing Consultation Today.
When used for relieving tinnitus, hearing aids may be effective when used alone, or they may be used as a part of a larger package of care.

It is quite common for people to assume incorrectly that it is their tinnitus rather than their hearing loss that is causing hearing difficulties. Other studies have more strongly suggested that for a significant number of people, hearing aids do reduce the effect of tinnitus. There has been some research on this with a small number of patients, but further work is required to single out the benefit from that given purely by amplification. The costs of buying a private hearing aid can be high and there may be no guarantee of an improved response in comparison with an NHS aid. If a hearing aid has not been fitted correctly and is either over amplifying or under amplifying, this can cause problems for those with tinnitus.
Many people become less aware of their tinnitus once their hearing loss is addressed and they become more aware of the sounds around them. With tinnitus, the reported distress is usually subjective and difficult to record and appreciate by others. This condition must always be thought of as a symptom and not a disease, just as pain in the arm or leg is a symptom and not a disease. When the tinnitus is persistent, this indicates that the site of lesion causing the tinnitus likely shifted into the central nervous system. Thus, loss of signals from the cochlea might trigger tinnitus as a manifestation of a functional imbalance between the two sets of fibers. Frequency discrimination up to approximately 16,000 Hz (in the upper limit of hearing) is far less exacting than the middle-frequency region. The masker is based on the principle that most individuals with tinnitus can better tolerate outside noise than they can their own inner head noise.
Also, the use of nerve stimulants is to be avoided, as excessive amounts of coffee and smoking contribute to the head noise. Each patient has an individual response to medication, and what works for one patient will not always work for others. Bilateral hearing aids (one on each ear) have been shown to be more beneficial than using only one aid.
Previously, large ventilation holes in ear moulds were recommended for tinnitus patients, but they could not fully overcome occlusion and loss of desired external sound in the way that open fit technology has. Hearing aid moulds, and also the ageing process, may lead to the build-up of wax; users should regularly have their ears checked for a build-up of wax and have any excess removed. Tinnitus will not cause you to go deaf, and statistically, 50 percent of patients may express that their tinnitus decreases or is hardly perceptible as time passes. In addition, patients suffering from high-pitched tinnitus often have a high-frequency hearing loss, which may impair frequency discrimination. Some of these medications have been proven, however, to decrease the intensity of the tinnitus and make it much less noticeable to the patient. There is at present no proven advantage to using these devices rather than simple hearing aids. On-going rehabilitation, servicing of the hearing aid, and replacement batteries are free on the NHS.
This is often carried out by a practice nurse, although some audiologists do perform wax removal. Therefore, test-retest reliability in matching the frequencies of audiometer tones to the pitch of tinnitus may be poor.
Cotton buds, hair grips, pens and many other implements which people use are not designed for wax removal and can cause lasting damage to the ear. The controller integrates all of CODEC, DSP, EEPROM, I2C interface with PC in a single IC chip, so as not to have additional electronic components.
The tinnitus (ear ringing) can be reduced by the superposition of the tinnitus sound produced inside the cochlea and the masking sound generated by active tinnitus masker.

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