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Wise Voice, intuition, inner voice, gut feeling, spirit …  There are so many different names for that part of you that does not come from the logical and rational place of pro and con lists. And, there are also many ways in which you receive this essential, but hard to grasp aspect of yourself.  Here’s some of the most common receiving methods.
A large preponderance of the population are visual folks, meaning processing and learning happens best when there’s an image or visual reference as a guide.  While I don’t often get images or pictures when I’m receiving intuitive information, many women do.
This can show up, for example, as receiving an internal flash of an image as an answer to a problem or question, or imagining the face of a friend when the phone rings.
This way of receiving your inner voice is a very experiential phenomenon of simply knowing something to be the right or best for you.  There’s not a lot of words, or sensations, or images – you just know. Is there any way of developing confidence in distinguishing the intuitive gems from the rest of the Logical garbage??? According to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), nearly 37.5 million adults in America report hearing problems. While you may like to turn up the volume and drown yourself in the sweet sound of rock music, extended noise exposure (that’s right, music is noise to the ear) may lead to a kind of permanent hear loss, called sensorineural hearing loss.
If you ever catch yourself unconsciously sticking a pencil in your ear while reading a textbook or have a habit of cleaning your ears aggressively with cotton swabs after every bath, you might be at a greater risk for hearing loss. I usually spend a few hours every weekend catching up on industry news and looking for thought provoking stories. To make a long story short, a young man became deaf in his thirties and the device that could help him restore his hearing was so expensive that it was not an option.
However, one man had a vision to end this stranglehold and he launched a startup company to manufacture a competitive product at a lower price. The organization that regulates medical device manufacturing, fast tracked the approval process so that the device could be brought to market in less than a year. While we in the US seem to be making the business climate more difficult, other countries are rewarding innovation and helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses that bring employment, benefits, and pay taxes for the greater good. Well, I looked at the device, a cochlear implant, and surmised that some type of leak testing might be required.
That’s where multi-channel leak testers like Sprint iQ come into their own and it’s one reason that they are so popular in the medical device industry. Now I don’t know if Hangzhou Nurotron Biotechnology (read their incredible story) uses a Uson leak tester but I do know that Uson has helped start up companies and established medical device manufacturers ensure quality with the Sprint iQ leak tester. You can read the full article, A Chinese Hearing Implant Takes Aim at Cochlear here and find out more about the Sprint iQ leak tester here. Once diagnosed with hearing loss, no matter the severity, it's important for individuals to become aware of the many treatment options available.
The Hearing Loss Pill is designed for those who seek healthier hearing and who are interested in optimizing their existing hearing ability through natural ingredients.
Cochlear implants are becoming a more prevalent approach to improving hearing loss in patients. The internal components of the cochlear implants consists of a receiver and stimulator which are secured into the bone. Cochlear implants and hearing aids use very different technology and should not be considered synonymous.
Individuals considered to be good candidates for cochlear implants are patients who have competent speech, language, and communication skills. Both children and adults who are deaf or severely hard-of-hearing can be fitted for cochlear implants. Young children who receive cochlear implants, in addition to intensive post-implantation therapy, have strong chances of developing speech, language and social skills. Implementation of a cochlear implant requires a surgical procedure and significant post-op therapy. While surgical implantations are usually considered safe, complications are a known risk factor for any surgical procedure.
As technology continues to advance and the number of follow-up studies rise with individuals who have received implants, researchers are looking into the ways in which cochlear implants might be used for other types of hearing loss. One way in which scientific leaders in this field are attempting to regenerate cells is to stimulate existing stem-like cells in the human inner ear to regenerate new hair cells.
While cochlear implants act as a good supplement to hearing function, the use of a biological method to repair the damaged cells within the cochlea could lead to restoration of hearing without the use of prosthesis. Still in its early stages, stem cell treatment is currently only available in the USA, Canada, and the UK as part of medical research.
Stem Cell treatment and cochlear implants can be valid treatment options for those looking to rememdy severe cases of hearing impairment.
There is no one best brand - fortuntely there are some great choices and various styles that may suit some wearers. With full care you are assured that if a problem occurs you can have it adjusted - also there is an incentive to get the fitting right to avoid having problems in the first place.
Most hearing aid suppliers are quite generous with providing cost effective repairs when aids are out of warranty. Both audiologists and audiometrists provide a similar service with respect to fitting hearing aids. Depending on your extras cover you could receive up to $1000 per aid with a time limit of 3-5 years depending on the fund. The first sign of noise-induced hearing loss is often the difficulty to hear high-pitched sounds, such as consonants (e.g.
Noise-induced hearing loss occurs gradually over a long period of time and unfortunately, hearing loss is permanent. Notice the area most effected are the higher frequencies in the speach range - this is why the high-pitched sounds are difficult to understand by people with Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Very loud sounds make the hair cells collapse and flatten temporarily, resulting in temporary deafness.
This temporary hearing loss may also be accompanied by a ringing sensation called tinnitus. If this severe noise exposure is repeated over many years, the hair cells in the inner ear become permanently damaged resulting in permanent hearing loss.
Audiologists who do the right thing by clients should be rewarded with more clients in our view. If ear infections go untreated the infection (similar to pus) in the middle ear space can grow and grow until it bursts the eardrum, resulting in a draining ear.
Cholesteatoma and ear tubes: When a child has had tubes inserted, a small cut is made in the eardrum for the tube to fit into. Cholesteatoma prevention: The secondary effects of ear infection, including infection spreading into the mastoid (the bump behind your ear) and the development of cholesteatoma was once a leading cause of death in children. How our ears work: In order to understand what a conductive hearing loss is, it is important to know a little about how we hear. Experience a bit of hearing loss: Plug your ears with your index fingers to experience a conductive hearing loss. You understand better if you can watch people as they speak, but this is hard as people turn their heads, move around, cover their faces with their hands, etc.
A child experiencing frequent ear infections will have hearing loss that can change from day to day. My thanks to Judith Blumsack, PhD, who collaborated with me during the development of this information.  Information in this article is not intended as medical advice.
Is there anything that gets in your way?  Leave a comment – really I want to know your experience.
One might like to believe that just because hearing loss doesn’t run in the family, one is not at the risk of losing the ability to hear properly. This occurs due to the damage to either the hair-like cells of the inner ear or the auditory nerve itself. But, excessive use of alcohol and too much smoking act as triggers for Meniere’s Disease, which is characterized by 20-minute to four-hour episodes of the feeling of pressure in the ear, followed by tinnitus, decreased hearing and vertigo.
Obstructions caused by foreign bodies inserted into the ear can lead to conductive hearing loss, which constitutes damage to the outer or middle ear so that sound can no longer be conducted to the inner ear. Medical science has proven that some common infections that can be easily prevented with the help of vaccines are an integral cause of hearing loss. The weakening of the cells of the inner ear and the auditory nerve is the cause of presbycusis, a deterioration of the hearing sense that occurs with age.
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the medical device tax and had cited some statistics about the US medical device industry. Despite the falling price and improving quality of electronics, the price of the device had not changed for several years because one company had a virtual monopoly over the market. Apparently, he pitched the idea to several organizations and was rewarded with backing from the government, hospitals and the Academy of Sciences who, between them, came up with 75% of the startup costs. Sales are forecasted to be 100,000 units domestically and the device sells for 50% of the price of the current market leader, who by the way is losing ground in a growing economy.
In the context of low cost manufacturing, I figured that anyone faced with the huge expenses of a startup, would be looking for the most economical equipment but would not wish to sacrifice quality.
With a sales and support network that covers the major and emerging  medical device manufacturing markets, we can play a part in enabling innovative companies bring life changing products to market and make them affordable.

Improving throughput with a multi-channel leak tester can lower costs without reducing quality. Total hearing loss can leave an individual feeling isolated from their surroundings and excluded from the conversations of their family and peers. While the pill is not able to re-create damaged hair cells (it is not to be considered a cure), it has been shown to improve the performance of the nerves within the ear that are still functional and thus improve hearing.
These complex electronic devices are surgically implanted to help restore sound in individuals who are experiencing profound hearing loss or even total deafness. In addition, 22 electrodes are woven through cochlea and work to facilitate communication between the nerves and brain. Historically, these individuals have lived some of their life with the ability to hear but now has experienced severe sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. Adults who have lost all or most of their hearing later in life often can greatly benefit from cochlear implants. The average age of children who receive cochlear implants are between two and six years old. Patients then remain in the hospital for up to a two days and should allow up to one month for the area to fully heal.
Additionally, patients should be prepared for the intensive learning curve that follows the surgery. It wasn't until the 1980s that scientists discovered in their labs that even after chickens' hair cells had been deliberately destroyed the cells grew back.
By surgically implanting the stem cells within the cochlea, scientists aim to regrow and restore the natural hearing function without the need for an artificial hearing device.
Individuals seeking the stem cell treatment must travel to China, Mexico, the Middle East, or Thailand and costs can range from $18,000 to $30,000 USD.
For an approach to more mild cases of hearing loss, The Hearing Loss Pill is a viable option. The truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, they dona€™t get ANY results. Hence choosing wisely, having a trial of at least one aid and a choice of various brands do make a big difference. The equipment needs to be correctly calibrated - and often the fitting is actually the most important aspect.
Some screening tests may be free - sometimes audiologists will charge for a full test and refund that off the price of the aids if you continue to purchase. Audiologists can be good if they recognise a problem that may be treatable with medical attention.
For example in this review of the Unitron Quantum 12 CIC Hearing Aid the wearer says he does not get feedback when wearing the aid under his motor bike helmet.
These vibrations are received by hair cells in the inner ear, which flatten according to the frequency and loudness of the sound and stimulate nerves that pass messages to the brain. This is referred to as a temporary threshold shift and may last hours or longer depending on the degree of noise exposure.
The catylyst for these sites was being overcharged by a hearing centre for a hearing aid and finding someone 100 metres away $2000 cheaper for exactly the same product. Typically, it is a growth in the middle ear,  in just one ear but it is possible for it to affect both ears. The reason for this developmental abnormality is unknown however it is not believed to run in families (not a genetic disorder). This hole can be very ragged, with uneven edges that make it hard for the eardrum to heal smoothly. Today’s modern medicine can identify cholesteatoma growths and treat them early thereby preventing the most serious hearing loss and other complications, but it is still necessary for the family or individual to seek treatment.
Since the source of the problem in many cases is Eustachian tube dysfunction (ears don’t ‘pop’) in about ? – ? of cases the cholesteatoma comes back and additional surgery is needed. A conductive hearing loss happens when sound cannot successfully get from the air, through the outer and middle ear, to be able to be processed by the inner ear and then recognized by the brain. The picture of the parts of the ear will help you understand the chain of events that happens when we hear sound. There are many problems that can interfere with sound reaching the inner ear and cause a conductive hearing loss. The hearing loss can range from 15 dB up to 60 dB and typically affects low pitch sounds more than high pitch sounds, although all hearing is likely to be affected. When you pay more attention, the effort spent listening takes away from ‘instant understanding’ meaning figuring out what was said takes a bit more effort too, along with the effort to listen. Those who have active ear infection along with a cholesteatoma are likely to have some conductive hearing loss that is always there and more hearing loss that fluctuates as their ear problems get better or worse over time.
A special teacher can make sure the classroom teacher understands how unilateral hearing loss affects classroom understanding and can identify the need for a classroom listening device, like a classroom amplification system or a personal FM system.  Your child will benefit from understanding the types of situations that are most challenging and hearing tactics or self-advocacy strategies he can use to ensure that he is able to get the same access to teacher instruction and peer communication as his classmates. On the contrary; your lifestyle and daily activities may be putting you at an increased risk for hearing loss. As a result, neural signals to the brain carrying information about the loudness and clarity of sounds are blocked. In the later stages of this disease, patients will experience progressively worsening hearing loss to near deafness and unsteady body balance. Diseases such as meningitis, mumps, scarlet fever and measles are known to cause hearing problems in patients. The elderly may also suffer from mixed hearing loss, which is any combination of sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. It was a somewhat pessimistic outlook for the future, at least compared to the innovation and growth that has been common in the industry throughout the past.
Finding qualified staff to run the new enterprise was not hard – the monopolizing player had plenty of disappointed staff eager to be part of something new. For some, hearing aids and other "bandaid" approaches are not sufficient and one might seek a more intensive approach to curing or repairing the existing damage. The ingredients are combined in such a way that the pill targets the nerves within the ear, providing protection against extreme noise damage while also affecting the nerves within the brain, to optimize the process for which sound information is registered.
Sometimes referred to as 'bionic ears' the application has proven to help patients experience at least some sort of increased hearing, although it can be considered less pure than natural audio reception. While an implant does not restore normal hearing, it can give a deaf person a reasonable advantage by clarifying sounds in the environment and helping him or her to understand speech. Cochlear implants, on the other hand, bypass damaged portions of the ear and deliver sound directly to the auditory nerve. Those with only mild hearing loss should not yet seek a cochlear implant as they can see satisfactory results with other treatment methods (The Hearing Loss Pill or a hearing aid). By learning to associate the signal provided by an implant with sounds they remember, the device is more effective for these sort of cases. Early implantation in qualified candidates can provide the necessary exposure to sounds that can be helpful during the period when children learn speech and language skills. The device is not suitable for everyone and the decision to receive an implant should come only after discussing the procedure with an experienced cochlear-implant surgeon.
Once the area has healed, the device is 'turned on' and patients can begin their post-op therapy to allow the brain to start adjusting to hearing new sounds. Considering the process involved to relearn how to interpret the sounds created by an implant, can help individuals prepare for what's to come. Damaged hair cells within the ears is the cause for hearing impairment, so this notion that damaged hair cells can re-grow is ground-breaking for the hearing loss industry.
Another approach is to transplant cells into the damaged ear which can then give rise to new hair cells in that area.
For more information on the pill and to determine you're a good candidate, visit our homepage.
For example one brand of aid may suit a certain profile of hearing loss and lifestyle better.
If the aid has been purchased in Australia getting repairs and servicing is a straight forward process. When more than one person is speaking or there is a background noise, the problem becomes worse. This would also be beneficial to miners or anyone needing a hearing aid that does not give an annoying squealing sound when enclosed.
This growth can be present behind the eardrum at birth or it can develop later, sometimes as a complication of middle ear infections. Ear infections that can cause conductive hearing loss and ear drainage are very common, especially in young children. Sometimes there are parts of the eardrum tissue that do not heal cleanly and these bits extend into the middle ear space, resulting in the risk for skin tissue to begin to grow in the middle ear, layer upon layer to develop a cholesteatoma. Children who get ear tubes early and  subsequent tubes inserted without delay when needed, are much less likely to develop a cholesteatoma.
It may be necessary, after surgery, for the ear to be cleaned as needed by a health care professional. For example, if a person has a build-up of earwax in the ear channel that is enough to interfere with the sound reaching the eardrum, that person would have a conductive hearing loss.

Even though you experience a hearing loss, you would likely ‘pass’ a typical hearing screening at a school or doctor’s office.
This inconsistency in the ability to hear makes listening extra challenging and can contribute to children learning to ‘tune out’ when there is noise or someone is speaking at a distance. And, yes I too have overridden that Wise Voice in me and sometimes looked back at my choice shaking my head at myself! Therefore, it is very important to protect your child in one way or another from these easily preventable diseases.
Depending on the cause and of the hearing impairment and the type of hearing loss incurred, "curing" the damaged cells might not be a viable option. The Hearing Loss Pill not only optimizes the cells for receiving sound, but it also guards the ear against the free radicals that can cause further damage. The auditory nerve interprets signals delivered by the implant and delivers them to the brain, which then recognizes the signals as sound.
This ability provides recipients with the ability to understand speech solely by listening through the implant.
In 2000, the FDA lowered the age of eligibility to 12 months for one type of cochlear implant.
The procedure can be expensive; there are five areas tied in with the bill of the surgery including an evaluation, the surgery, purchasing hardware, hospitalization, and subsequent rehabilitation. Time, practice and patience are all essential to this process and speech-language pathologists and audiologists are frequently involved. Today there are several promising leads that may overcome the lack of spontaneous cell recovery in mammals. While research into this method of treatment continues, there are no guarantees and thus far the results from procedures abroad are inconclusive.
The testimonials you see on this web site are some of our better results and are not typical.
Siemens's top line hearing aid is called the Artis e2e model and consists of wireless technology. Complaints: My research has revealed that even the most well known brands have their share of problems. When children go to the doctor with draining ears, it is up to the physician to rule out that a rare and serious cholesteatoma is not the cause. When the throat is a bit swollen such as when you get a cold, the Eustachian tube doesn’t open as often as it should. When a person has had multiple burst eardrums the eardrum may end up with weak spots where these holes have healed.
At roughly the center of the pinna is a channel (called the ear canal) into which the sound travels on its way to what is called the eardrum (also known as the tympanic membrane). If you hold down the tabs of your ears with your index fingers to close off your ear canals you will have caused a conductive hearing loss.
With your ears plugged and your back turned, listen to someone talking from across the room with some noise like the TV on. To date, there are only a few available options for hearing loss cure and each come with their own price tag chance of success. When individuals are exposed to extreme sound, free radicals are released into the blood stream; it's these free radicals that attack the hair cells within the ears and cause potential hearing damage. Patients with cochlear implants should be patient as hearing through the device is different from normal hearing. In total,the procedure can range between $50,000 and $125,000 US dollars, some or all of which may be covered by certain health insurance companies. For example, in certain studies, when stem cells were inserted into the ear of a mouse, it was followed by the appearance of new cells in several different areas of the cochlea.
They stuck to the dose as directed and maintained a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet alongside it. Starkey Digital Hearing Aids: Starkey is the largest make of digital hearing aids, and offer warranties and trial periods.
Sometimes a cholesteatoma is right behind the eardrum or has grown through the eardrum and the physician can easily see it. When the Eustachian tube cannot open, the eardrum is pulled inward into the middle ear space as the pressure increases.
The eardrum vibrates when sound strikes it, causing a chain of extremely tiny bones (called ossicles) that are located on the other side of the eardrum to vibrate. A person born with a malformed ear in which the entrance to ear canal is closed off (atresia, microtia), would have a conductive hearing loss because the malformation would prevent sound from entering the ear normally.
There are different options for hearing aids for people with conductive hearing loss and your audiologist can help you decide if a regular hearing aid, bone conduction hearing aid, or a bone-anchored hearing device would be most appropriate. Children are most successful when families are fully involved in advocating for their child’s needs with the school team and supporting his success at home. Advances in technology, however, are steadily edging toward the possibility of full rehabilitation. In addition, there are a number of necessary compounds included in the Hearing Loss Pill formula which are known to be essential to proper hearing function. Individuals should check with their respective health care providers before deciding on this route. They manufacture the Aspect, Cierra, and Mesa models, including their top line model the Eli that can be used in conjunction with Bluetooth. It can also develop in the space in the upper part of the middle ear where the ossicles are, making it impossible to see. A weak spot on the eardrum is likely to retract farther, developing a pouch or sac that can enclose in upon itself and become the start of a cholesteatoma. If the ossicles are malformed or damaged, such as what can happen if there is a cholesteatoma,  they wouldn’t transmit sound well from the middle ear to the inner ear causing a conductive hearing loss. Children with unilateral hearing loss are at 10 times the risk for problems in school (learning, social, behavior) compared to their classmates without hearing loss.
Some of the benefits provided include giving people the ability to enjoy a conversation in person or by telephone and even more importantly, recognize warning signals in the environment.
It may be that some individuals choose not to have a cochlear implant for a variety of personal reasons.
If it grows large it can even dissolve through the bone separating the middle ear space and the brain. In those cases, the only symptom may be increasing hearing loss as the ossicles are dissolved by the cholesteatoma (see conductive hearing loss, below).
The vibration of the last ossicle in the chain causes a small membranous section of the bony inner ear (called the cochlea) to also vibrate.  This vibration causes vibration of fluid that is inside the inner ear, and the vibration stimulates delicate cells inside the cochlea to respond and in turn send a message to the brain that a sound has occurred. This article is specifically about two other causes of a conductive hearing loss: cholesteatoma and chronic middle ear infections. This surprises most people because they assume that if one ear hears normally that there will be no problem. They will assist you with selecting the correct device and will assess your lifestyle determine the best choice for you.
Serious potential complications of cholesteatoma include hearing loss, brain abscess, dizziness, facial paralysis, meningitis, and spreading of the cyst into the brain. Sometimes this fluid becomes infected by bacteria that have traveled from the throat up the Eustachian tube to the middle ear space. If a problem interferes with the sound vibrations reaching the inner ear, we say that there is a conductive hearing loss. Another claimed he has gone through three sets of Siemens hearing aids and is not at all happy with the quality. Once the eardrum returns to a more normal position, even if there is fluid behind it, the earache gets better.
Depending on the extent of the problem, a person with a conductive hearing loss might have difficulty hearing only soft sounds or the person have difficulty hearing typical conversation. You can hear but it is much harder to understand what is said where there is any background noise and it is very easy to miss subtle communication, like quiet comments or the sounds we make to let someone know that we are paying attention to what they are saying.
He says they are too expensive in cost and repairs and he would just rather do without hearing aids. It isn’t surprising that some children think others are talking about them because they can tell there is a conversation but cannot clearly understand what it is about.
There were more complaints against Siemens than other brands, and the average cost was approximately between $2400 and $3000. During my nursing career, I had many elderly patients, and I can't remember not one of them who was happy with their hearing aids.
The cost is outrageous, as well as the repairs, not to even mention the fact that insurance won't cover them. If insurance began to pick up the tab for hearing aids and the cost associated with them, they would be out of business quicker than you could say "Huh?

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