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Can be for double piercing side-by-side or a regular piercing connecting with a cartilage piercing.
Description:Features a rhinestone Hello Kitty with a pink flower connecting to a rhinestone stud. Description:Features Antique Silver Eiffel Tower Charms with black and silver chains dangling.
A strong adhesive is used to attach the chain to the Hello Kitty stud but is not noticeable when worn and very secure.

SimplyyJ first opened its shop online in 2009 and since then, I have improved the quality and production of every aspect in my store. Can be worn as a double piercing (side by side on ear lobe) or as a cartilage piercing connected to an ear lobe piercing.- Rhinestone stud is 4mm- Length from stud to stud is 6cm- Does not come with the extra rhinestone stud in the second picture- Limited quantities available- Two colors available in pink and mixed colors. I use authentic quality material and have many tools to produce unique and customized products.
The mixed colors is different on each earring so pictures #3 and #4 on the left shows two of the different color variations.BOTH COLORS ARE IN STOCK!

If you're interested in any changes, feel free to contact me through the contact link at the bottom of the page.

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