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It’s easy to figure out that drugs are extremely dangerous to those who use and abuse them. Before you read any further, it’s important that you know and understand that the using of drugs can cause death. Prescription Drugs- overdose (accidental or not) to prescription drugs is a close second to the leading cause of deaths in the US. Alcohol- alcohol is not only harmful to you and your health, but can be harmful to others as well, due to altercations (physical), drunk driving, liver damage, brain damage, etc. Crack Cocaine- crack cocaine is one of the many addictive drugs, and is considered a highly addictive stimulant. Methamphetamine- after watching Breaking Bad, we’ve all learned the dangers of using drugs like methamphetamine, but there are many long term damages from using the drug. Tobacco- everyone was brought up being told that smoking tobacco was harmful to you and your health, and to not do it. Cannabis- This is a very controversial subject for many, due to many people thinking that weed is a “natural plant” that helps people. Methadone- as read in a recent article about methadone, there are many dangers that come along with the drug methadone. No matter what drugs you may be using or abusing, they are all dangerous in some way or another. Drug induced lupus is a condition that develops, generally after long term use of certain medications. Most cases of drug-induced lupus have been associated with Procainamide, Hydralazine, Isoniazid and Quinidine. Drug-induced lupus should not be confused with drug side-effects, such as gastrointestinal, neurologic, or allergic symptoms that often occur after short-term therapy with various medications.

Most people would agree that some drugs are more dangerous than others; such as heroin being more dangerous than alcohol nowadays.
If you or someone that you know is using or abusing drugs, it’s vital that you call for help and access the situation immediately.
Use of this drug can cause short and long term damage to the entire body, including seizures and heart attacks. Not only does it do devastating damages to one’s physical appearance, it can cause depression, anxiety, strokes, and brain damage.
Frequent cocaine use often ends up in overdose, addiction, mental health issues, or severe physical health damage. Lung cancer is a major consequence from smoking tobacco, and is an extremely hard habit to kick due to the nicotine that is inside the cigarettes.
Abuse of amphetamine drugs can result in liver damage, heart attack, damage to organs, kidney failure, permanent cell damage, and dependence. Although cannabis has been used and prescribed to help treat disease, it also has many dangers. There have been many accidental overdose deaths from taking methadone, along with many dangerous side effects as well. Struggling with an addiction to drugs is no way to live, and there is help available to you. In patients with severe symptoms of drug induced lupus, corticosteroids may be used to help reduce inflammation.
The risk for developing lupus-like disease from any of the other drugs is low; with some drugs, only one or two cases have been reported.
Regardless of what drugs may be more dangerous than others, they are all deadly in one way or another, and by knowing which drugs are most dangerous, you may want to get help for yourself or your loved one.

Batting an addiction to drugs day by day is something that thousands and thousands of Americans struggle with everyday, and the number of accidental overdoses from drugs is continuing to rise. Usually symptoms disappear within one or two weeks, there are reported cases of drug induced lupus that do not go away completely after the offending drug is removed.
Drug-induced lupus typically comes after many months or years of continuous therapy with the causative drug.
By getting help and bettering your life, you’re one step closer to saving you or your loved one’s life. There is a variant of drug induced lupus where the symptoms are less generalised and relate more to prominent skin manifestations. For immediate assistance, call (866) 323-6590 now and see what your best options for help are today. July 30, 2013 How Long Can You Live Off The Fat In Your Body? June 12, 2013 What Are The Colors You See When You Shut Your Eyes? Hard TargetA few months ago an acquaintance casually stated that if he hears a high pitched sound he just assumes a TV was turned on. I have a log of when the smart meter transmits data as at those times it gives off a sound like old fashioned telephone ringing, my pets can hear it too.
Sunday, today, the ringing is a little louder than my normal ringing but hardly noticeable and is not disorienting, just slightly louder.

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