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A new animal study from researchers at Georgia State University indicates that a drug used for treating stroke may work as a non-antibiotic treatment for middle ear infection, or otitis media. In the new study, which is discussed in an article in a May 2015 online edition of The Journal of Immunology, researchers at Georgia State University and the University of Rochester showed that anti-stroke drug vinpocetine could be an effective treatment for middle ear infection.
Dr Li and his co-authors report that in their mouse study, the drug suppressed mucus overproduction, improved bacterial clearance, and reduced hearing loss caused by Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria, the most common cause of middle ear infection. The research team suggests the vinpocetine could be repurposed as a new otitis media treatment that could be delivered topically, rather than as an injection or in tablet form. Tutis Zippy New Waves – одна из самых удобных, практичных и наиболее безопасных колясок в данной ценовой категории.

Middle ear infections, the most common childhood bacterial infection and the leading cause of conductive hearing loss, can occur during critical stages of children’s speech and language development. The drug, which does not target bacteria, limits overproduction of mucus and may help address the demand for non-antibiotic treatments that reduce inflammation without causing side effects. They explain that repurposing an existing drug has many advantages over a new, experimental drug. The overuse of antibiotics has led to increased resistance of bacteria associated with ear infections, so there is an urgent need for non-antibiotic drugs that can suppress overactive inflammation without significant side effects. Vinpocetine, also known by the brand name Cavington, is used worldwide as an anti-stroke drug and a dietary supplement.

It saves time and cost, and can also reduce safety risks, say the authors, who note that there have been no reports of significant adverse effects or toxicity of vinpocetine used in therapeutic doses in adults and children.

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