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The thrust of the flashback: Operation Falcon is the reclamation of a crashed aerial vehicle. No, it’s just Mulder being all Solid Snake and sneaking inside the perimeter by riding underneath a truck. And then the army guys throw Mulder in a chain-link holding cell and subject him to Torture By Conversation With A UFO Nut. Scully tells Mulder it was a Libyan jet with a nuke, but doesn’t sound super confident about the whole thing.
Back to the woods and the cheesy laser fence, where we watch the invisible pilot thingy angel whatever get kind of flirty with the fence for a while before just streaking out through it and across the forest road.
And then Mulder and Scully head back to Mulder’s motel room and find it totally trashed. Max shows the agents to the Fenigcave — a silver airstream trailer full of UFO books and radio equipment.
Let’s see, if I take a few of these and a hand-full of those, maybe I can see UFOs too! Max plays them a recording of the opening night, where the unfortunate Deputy Rike was found by local firefighters who then apparently freaked the hell out as well. The agents guilt-trip the doctor who won’t tell them squat into telling them some squat after all. Doctor Oppenheim, in your opinion could those burns have been caused by IONIZING radiation? And then the pwned soldiers get rushed into the hospital followed by Henderson, who gives Mulder a REALLY MEAN LOOK.

Mulder, never one to forget a juicy scar, digs out some similar scar photos, and is going over them when Scully comes back to remind him that they have to catch a plane for Mulder’s not-shutting-down-the-x-files hearing. Invisible Thing POV cam is on top of Max’s airstream, looking around, and then it…flies through the roof into the trailer? When we come back, the agents are in his trailer, where there’s earblood on the sheets but no Max. And once again, Mulder has witnessed something profoundly unusual and Scully has missed it. The thrust of the questions seems to be that Mulder just went to Wisconsin of his own accord, and that’s totally not cool. That whole scene was really kind of heavy compared to everything else we’ve seen so far on the show. I think this might be the first really notable FBI conspiracy head-butting stuff we’ve seen in the show.
Cut to a still-frothing McGraff out on the FBI lawn, asking SOMEONE why they countermanded the decision to terminate Mulder.
You know, I really loved this show when it was on and I understood science only as an amorphous blob of truth.
I enjoy this blog as much or possibly MORE than I enjoyed watching the X-Files the first time around. It’s like now- I can take all the science and astronomy and biology whatnot, and this absurd show with lasers and fisheye aliens and crypto-zoology, and add them together- and they DON’T explode- they create an *however long it takes me to read the entry* of pure hysterical laughter, all thanks to you.
And, as a fellow Portlander, I went and saw the movie on Saturday night, and there were FOUR other people in the entire theater besides my group.

Haha, if you couldn’t tell by my lengthy ramblings in response, you both (your blog included, so I guess that makes you three) rock. The part with the guys with the lights on their hats (which I totally missed) and other bits were filmed at Simon Fraser University in BC.
Mulder's Big Adventure is not affiliated with FOX, Chris Carter, or basically anything that has to do with the show, but we sure are big fans. Auricular hematoma is accumulation of blood in the sub-perichondrial space due to blunt trauma (punch).
This all seemed fairly plausible at the time, and I was- if not paranoid, then at least paranoid-in-training. In a very grown-up sort of way, much of it has lost it’s sheen of possible truth, and I find that tragic.
I’ve told the mister to keep his eyes open for little bits like that and let me know.
The first season seems sooooo crappy now that we watch it again, it’s good to see it with such humor to counterbalance that! Scully points out, Max’s meds include a powerful antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia.

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