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In the late 80’s there was a sound bubbling up in the underground in the Pacific Northwest that was an amalgamation of metal, punk rock and traditional rock. One label in particular was ready to bring this “Seattle” sound, aka grunge, to the masses. Releasing their debut album “Ultramega OK” on a small label SST, the group then moved over to Subpop for their EP’s “Screaming Life” and “Fopp” respectively before coming out with their second full-length “Louder Than Love” on major-label A&M in 1990 right before the grunge explosion.

Underpinned by a desire for authenticity and pureness of art that the music industry by-and-large didn’t cater to nor particularly care to. These mostly flannel-clad groups were all about substance over style and weren’t interested in long-held definitions of mainstream success such as sales and sold-out arenas. One of the first major success stories of the label was a group calling themselves Soundgarden.

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