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Happy Friday to YOU world.  Its time for everyone to get the hell out of the office and get ready to dance with the devil, play with fire, shake brains with Mr. Welcome to the womp factory.  Your local Dub dealers, Joel & Scott, are back and this time round we’ve got some of the best shit on the market for you! With a solid mix of TBE dubstep regulars and hard-hitting newcomers we’re absolutely positive this will hold your fiendin’ asses over until next time! So grab yourself a mouthpiece, get a fresh set of undies, let someone know where you are and by all means get NURDY!

Its been two weeks, but like always, Joel & Scott are back to present Remix Roundup Vol.
In 11, we forget the fly whips and go with fly chicks, and if your down… you might come to TBE to check out some wicked ass hits.
Yuck, say yeehaw to cowboys (that’s for you Jeff), pump fists with bros, get greasy with hipsters, and Nurd the hell out with Joel & Scott. Capturing the essence of the original but making sure, obviously, that this shit was turned into a nasty bumper.

Like we said people, your weekend is going to sound oh so good!  So, as always, here is a collection, a roundup, a gathering, or gaggle of stupendously awesome tunes!  Hit up that zip and jump in that whip and let this music take you on that adventure you’ve been dreaming of. If you dare take the blissful sounds of Empire and improve em, we welcome your work, always!

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