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Sound, or more specifically, noise, is an invisible pollutant that can harm our ears, our hearing, and our health. Think back to the last time you went to a rock concert or a particularly high volume club; when you left, did you pay much attention to the peculiar ringing in your ears as you headed back to your car, maybe even after you returned home? IISo, what do we need to know about protecting out ears from IIloud noise, and what do we do when the ringing never stops? IINoise pollution is encroaching on the everyday lives of all of IIus, and the more we understand about how noise effects our   ears, our hearing, and our health and well being, the more IIlikely we are to take action to make changes. A¬≠When you hear exceptionally loud noises, your stereocilia actually become damaged and mistakenly keep sending sound information to the auditory nerve cells.
There are two ways hearing can be damaged by loud noises, according to Manfred Auer of Berkeley Lab's Life Sciences Division. The sound around you were muffled for a short while, replaced with a buzzing inside your head, almost as if your ears were screaming.

When sound waves hit them, they convert those vibrations into electrical currents that the auditory nerves carry to the brain. After spending time at a rock concert, a loud club, an active race track, an air show, an industrial plant with unmitigated chillers or machinery, or even in heavy traffic, the ringing happens because the tips of some of your stereocilia actually have broken off. Without hair cells, there is nothing for the sound to bounce off - compare it to trying to make your voice echo in the desert. When sound waves travel through the ears and reach the hair cells, the vibrations deflect off the stereocilia, causing them to move according to the force and pitch of the vibration. We have 16,000 of them in each cochlea, but that number pales in comparison to the eye's 100 million photoreceptors, which do to light what hair cells do to sound. For instance a soft piano sonata would produce gentle movement in the stereocilia, while heavy metal would generate faster, sharper motion.
However, since you can grow these small tips back in about 24 hours, the ringing improves and goes away over time.

Also, notice how close you are to the source of loud noises and how long you're exposed to them.
This motion triggers an electrochemical current that sends the information from the sound waves through the auditory nerves to the brain. Here's another rule of thumb: If you have to shout to hear someone an arm's length away, the sound is probably above that safety threshold.

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