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Causes of TMJ dysfunction include blunt trauma to head and neck, slip and falls on the sacrum causing compensations up the spine and into the cranial bones, whiplash accidents, orthodontics, and prolonged deskwork or “text-neck” leading to forward head postures (Fig 1). According to the The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research Foundation, other symptoms can result from TMJ dysfunction including: headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances, irritability, a loss of focus, ringing in ears, head and neck tension, sinus congestion and ear infections.
Clients presenting with head-forward postures are vulnerable to increased stress not only in the neck, but the jaw as well. With the head and neck jutted forward, passive tensile forces develop in the hyoid and digastric muscles.
In an effort to keep the head from jutting forward, the brain has inadvertently created another bothersome problem…the mouth wants to hang open. In long-term forward-head TMJD sufferers, the effects of jaw retrusion may begin to impact the 11th cranial accessory nerve. Optimal head and neck functioning requires that TMJ surfaces retain their ability to glide freely on one another. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a small joint located in front of the ear where the skull and lower jaw meet. The Joint, the Muscles, or Both are the Problem Affected patients frequently clench or grind their teeth at night causing painful spasms in the muscles and difficulty in moving the jaw. The Role of the Oral Surgeon When symptoms of TMJ trouble appear, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon should be consulted. Treatment Options TMJ treatment may range from conservative dental and medical care to complex surgery. Generally, if non-surgical treatment is unsuccessful or if there is clear joint damage, surgery may be indicated. Our goal is to provide the optimal indicated treatment for your particular needs based on your individual requirements. Located in Roswell and serving Sandy Springs and the greater Atlanta area, JMD Orthodontics and TMJ offers treatment for TMJ.
TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, the ball-and-socket joint where the lower jaw meets with the head. Upon your initial visit, a screening x-ray called a tomogram will be obtained for each TM joint to initially assess the “ball and socket” spatial relationships.  Dental and medical history is then obtained to help Dr.

A clinical evaluation is performed to determine your range of mouth opening and the relationships of your upper and lower teeth to each other.   The muscles of the head, neck and shoulder areas will be evaluated for any tender areas as well.
Treatment for TMJ will vary by patient and be customized to address the specific problems you are experiencing. The cost of TMJ treatment will vary depending on the type and extent of treatment needed to correct your TMJ issues.
Understanding the relationship between proper functioning of the upper cervical spine, cranial bones, and the temporomandibular joint is critical for massage and bodyworkers dealing with this sometimes-debilitating condition. When the head and neck move forward in the sagittal plane, the brain’s visual proprioceptors cause the occiput to backward-bend on atlas. The brain, in essence, is trying to compensate for the forward head posture by pulling the cranium back using the jaw muscles. So, the only recourse the brain has now is to call on powerful jaw closers such as the temporalis, masseter and medial pterygoid muscles (Fig. Since this nerve directly innervates the upper trapezius and sternocleidomastoids, prolonged irritation can neurologically shorten these muscles initiating a “Catch 22” pain cycle. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment may include short-term non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain and muscle relaxation, bite plate or splint therapy, and even stress management counseling.
Surgery can involve either arthroscopy (the method identical to the orthopaedic procedures used to inspect and treat larger joints such as the knee) or repair of damaged tissue by a direct surgical approach. From the moment you enter the office, to completion of your care, you can expect the finest service and professional expertise in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. TMD is a term for temporomandibular dysfunction, which refers to a constellation of disorders within the joint and a range of conditions causing pain and dysfunction in the head and neck areas including headaches, ear pain, neck pain, eye pain, facial pain, joint noises such as clicking and popping, ringing of the ears, and even visual disturbances and dizziness. Dierkes believes in patient education and effective communication which allows each patient to make informed choices about their care and treatment as well as fosters a positive working relationship between doctor and patient. To learn more about the cost of TMJ treatment at JMD Orthodontics and TMJ, schedule a consultation with Dr. This remarkable proprioceptive reflex (Law of Righting) will cock the head back to level the eyes against the horizon even if it means ravaging the neck.1 Sustained isometric contraction in the suboccipitals and other capital extensor muscles places the entire nervous system in a heightened state of alert.
As the upper traps cock the head back and the SCMs pull it forward, excessive tension mounts in the hyoid, digastric, masseter, pterygoid, and temporalis muscles, which, in turn, cause even greater TMJ compression.

In the video above, I demonstrate a simple decompressive routine to add to the TMJ and neck techniques you already do. They may also complain of clicking or grating sounds in the joint and feel pain when opening and closing their mouth.
Another common cause involves displacement or dislocation of the disk that is located between the jawbone and the socket. TMD is often associated with tight muscles in the neck and shoulders, inflamed joints and ligaments, damage to the joint, teeth and bite problems (malocclusion), clenching of the jaw, grinding of the teeth as well as trauma to the face or jaws. Dierkes is committed to providing patients with a holistic approach to TMJ, orthodontic, and facial esthetic treatments.
Michael Dierkes, DDS, MS, NMD is a nationally recognized orthodontic specialist who has been creating beautiful smiles for over 30 years. Sustained hypercontraction in these muscle groups only creates greater stress on the TM joint as the mandible is forced to translate posteriorly and inferiorly…a condition called jaw retrusion (Fig. Thus, the battle begins and the mouth closers usually win, but at a terrible cost to the TM joint and neck. Before performing any intra-oral work, be sure it falls within the scope of practice with your state licensing laws…thanks! A displaced disk may produce clicking or popping sounds, limit jaw movement and cause pain when opening and closing the mouth.
His “All Things Considered” approach to treatment carefully considers the relationships among teeth, bone, muscles, TMJ, airway, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies and excesses, and endocrine balances and how each will affect the treatment of the patient. His services have improved the lives of people from Roswell and the surrounding areas, including residents of Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Marietta, and Atlanta. Antagonistic co-contraction of these muscle groups promotes abnormal mandibular positioning, nerve compression, ligamentous strain, and disc compression, leading to the TMJD disorders we commonly see in our massage and bodywork practices. Whether you are an adult, a child, or a teenager, our knowledgeable staff is committed to helping you achieve the radiant, beautiful smile you deserve.

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