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We all know the story of Vincent van Gogh’s ear, an organ that the artist is rumored to have severed from his own head in a fit of lovesick madness.
Given the tragic history of the artist, Strebe’s work carries with it a sense of loss and poignancy.
The beginning of your treatment is started by placing a hollow firm cotton bound tube with natural extracts of traditional herbs such as sage into your ear and lit. The bespoke treatment also includes a full lymphatic drainage facial to enhance the benefits whilst creating a holistic relaxing treatment. Disclaimer : although some people receiving therapy have reported beneficial improvement to their health.
For her project Sugababe, the artist Diemut Strebe has recreated the living ear of the legendary Post-Impressionist.
The sound is then carried to the ear, which hears speech as a crackling noise that is projected through speakers for all to listen. Where the living van Gogh was unappreciated— reviled, even—in his time, here even his tiny organ is preserved with the utmost care, his body transformed into a valuable work of art in and of itself.

The roots and history of the candles date back to the people of the Siberian prairies, Asia and native North and South American Indians. Each ear is protected and the treatment is painless and relaxing whilst creating the perfect medium for the ingredients to work within the ear canal. The Hopi treatment is ideal for treating pre flight ear problems, sinus congestion or simply to boost the face and release toxins naturally promoting clearer skin tone.
Teaming up with scientists and using an advanced 3D printing technique, Strebe constructed the true-to-life organ from a sample of the late artist’s DNA found in an envelope that he had licked in 1883 and live cartilage from the ear of Lieuwe van Gogh, a grandson of the painter’s brother.
For the artist, Sugababe is a physical manifestation of Theseus’ paradox, wherein the ancient Greek hero was asked if a ship would remain the same if all its individual parts were replaced with new ones. Ancient rock paintings show the use of the Ear candles at initiation rituals and medicinal ceremonies. A slight crackling noise may be heard as the practitioner takes note of how fast the flame burns and how much smoke is produced. The replicated ear, now on view at The Center for Art and Media in Karlshruhe in Germany, is kept alive by being suspended in a solution laced with nutrients.

Here, Strebe asks if this clone of an ear might in fact be considered the same ear worn by van Gogh.
With this knowledge and background the treatment has been added to and made therapeutic whilst still remaining true to its origins. This may indicate how blocked the ear canal is with ear wax and how many treatments may be needed to follow up. Tragically unable to respond the viewers who speak to it, the organ seems startlingly alien. Though it is composed of the same elements as the original ear, it lacks the humanity and the romance we ascribe the artist whose molecular biology it shares.

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