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We focus exclusively on test measurements, materials testing, and metrology markets, offering a variety of standard products, special transducer designs.
Otro viernes mas vengo con la cesta llena de cosas , y esta vez, y desgraciadamente nada mio. Our standard force products are used for research and development, material testing, creep and fatigue testing, component testing, sub-assembly testing and final assembly testing. A range of product measurement uncertainties are available for everyday requirements to high performance applications.Load CellsTovey custom transducers are incorporated into some of the world's most advanced test systems, constituting the heart of the measurement portion of those systems. Special transducers conforming to specific customer configuration requirements have met stringent creep, non-linearity, hysteresis, moment sensitivity, and temperature sensitivity.

High performance special products can be rapidly prototyped (with integrated design, finite element analysis, and manufacturing software), then tested and verified at a high level. High performance special products can be rapidly prototyped then tested and verified.Tovey Engineering advanced test and calibration expertise is key to the consistently high performance level of our products.
Tovey CS metrology grade load cells achieve ASTM E74 lower load limits of less than 10% of range.
Tovey automated transfer standard force calibration systems achieve the lowest uncertainties of any competitive systems, closely approximating results from deadweight calibrators.
Tovey has improved load cell and system performance over the years by following a program of continuous engineering innovation for each element of the manufacturing and testing processes.
ManufacturerGeneral Purpose Load CellsTovey Engineering manufactures high performance transducers designed for the most demanding applications in test and metrology.

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