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At some point during the Dallas Mavericks’ Monday night game against the Boston Celtics, Zaza Pachulia caught some sort of blow to the head and started to bleed behind his left ear, according to the Friendly Bounce. After Pachulia’s ear was all patched up and the bleeding had stopped, he returned to the game. Micah Peters wrote for FTW from 2014-16, covering music, TV and any sport that's in season. If we want ballplayers to show more emotion, we have to at least understand when they take it too far. Westbrook does not seem to be overly impressed with Steph Curry’s logic-defying game.

To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Pachulia’s ear was never actually shown on the broadcast, but it had to be pretty bad, considering how Raymond Felton recoiled after getting a good look at it. Within three weeks, however, word had spread and the Stones took over the residency; by April they had two gigs a week at the Crawdaddy. The family fled Stalinist oppression in 1938 and after a nomadic six years in Syria, Egypt and Italy, settled in Switzerland in 1944.
Georgio was educated at a Benedictine school in Ascona and later at a progressive private school, the School of Humanity, in Hasliberg Goldern.

Gomelsky, who learnt English at school by reading copies of Melody Maker, followed her in 1955.
He became manager of the art rock bands Magma and Gong, and was instrumental in developing the French underground and alternative rock circuit.

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