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The upcoming Consumer Electronics Show will play host to a number of technological revelations across the entire electronics industry, including video games and gaming peripherals. It's very true that Turtle Beach had a good year in 2011, especially with their exclusive Modern Warfare 3 line of headsets for both home consoles and PC.
The newest line of headsets includes the Ear Force X42 Wireless Xbox 360 headset, the Ear Force X32 Wireless stereo Xbox 360 headset, the Ear Force DSS 2 Surround Sound Processor, and the Ear Force Z11 Wired PC headset.
One of the leading manufacturers of home console and PC headsets will be in attendance at this year's CES, with a number of brand new headsets that they plan to announce at the electronics show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Numerous awards and accolades were collected for its many new products in 2011 and the company is poised to deliver more ?firsts? in 2012. In addition to these a new line of mobile audio devices are also planned to be unveiled including the Ear Force M5, the Ear Force M3 and the Ear Force M1. A detailed look at each of these devices will also be covered in Spike TV's live television coverage of the CES 2012 event beginning Tuesday, January 10th.
They feature high-performance 10mm drivers with neodymium magnets that deliver a dynamic audio range with deep bass response and superior sound quality.

Features an in-line mic with call control in a sleek, compact design for hands-free calling and crystal clear communication.

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