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The take-away from our experience with recurrent ear infections is that when a child acts dramatically out of character, it’s worth a stop at the pediatricians office to get checked out. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We both vividly remember the series of ear infections that my son had during his first year. There are common symptoms and signs that you can look for like a cold, fussiness, fatigue, a fever, a child pulling on her ear.

He had been a good sleeper up until that point, but all of a sudden he was waking and sobbing during the night.
The continual cycle of infections eventually led us to a consult with an ear-nose-and-throat specialist who checked his hearing and said that it was compromised and he would need surgery to clean our his ears and place tubes to prevent future infections. From the time he was 8-months-old until he got ear tubes at 18 months, he got an ear infection every 6-8 weeks.
When his surgeon came to talk to me after the tube procedure, he told me there was a reservoir of gunk trapped in his ears that was the consistency of rubber cement.

Finally, I suggested taking him to the doctor to rule out illness before we made any sleep training choices.

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