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Though the people I was with were lovely, I couldn't whine as much as I wanted to, or really let on how sick I was feeling (they may disagree). My friends went to the Maldives last December, as one of those 'once in a lifetime' holidays, partly for her birthday. Perforated eardrum is a condition that causes the rupturing of the eardrum usually due to an infection or maybe a loud noise and several other reasons that causes intense impact on your ears. Even flying with a severe cold could contribute to perforated eardrum hearing loss problems and that is why it is not advised to fly when you have a bad physical condition such as a cold. There are several treatment for perforated eardrum and that is only required if your situations worsen, that is in case you start to feel hearing loss and such related conditions. Extreme conditions or ear infection symptoms require the perforated eardrum surgery and the success of course depends on the level of perforation that has grown over the years.
Sometimes, these perforations are induced in the ear during a surgical operation inside an ear that was done previously for a different reason.
I went back to the doctor when I returned, who dosed me up to the hilt with antibiotics and steroids of various kinds, and I took to my bed for a couple of days. As I was sitting in my seat, CRYING TEARS, the woman sat next to me turned, looked, and said nothing.

You'll often find me on a bike, in a market, rifling through a thrift shop or, well, behind a laptop.
The eardrums are usually really thin in nature and the infections cause them to get perforations easily. People often tend to ignore this fact and fly just to make sure that their business deals go well ignoring their health conditions.
In some rare cases, these perforations last for several years and that is the proof that it is not going to heal naturally.
When there is severe infection in the ear, the formation of these perforations are more prominent and such a condition should be taken seriously because it causes permanent ear loss.
I especially hate having what is essentially a bad cold, because it never sounds dramatic enough.
The flight didn't help, and when they were over there he was sick as a dog, and spent most of the time in bed.
The event of perforated eardrum could lead to hearing loss and the intensity of the same depends on how badly your ear has been affected. Anyhow, these perforated eardrum may heal in a week or so but that purely depends on how effected they were and how immune your body is to such conditions.

So make sure that you get your ears checked regularly and watch out for these kinds of conditions because if treated in an advanced stage chances of recovering full hearing capability may not be possible. I'm sure people thought that I was being melodramatic, but I really thought my brain was about to explode. People often tend to ignore the problem of perforated eardrum as they don?t feel much difference during the initial stages but once they start to experience hearing loss, they start panicking. I dosed up on echinacea, and even went to the doctor, who told me to rest, get fluids and take paracetamol. Moreover, intense infection conditions demand that you wear ear plugs to avoid water from making contact with the eardrum as a safety precaution.

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