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Ensure your dog has good dental health (bacteria from dirty mouths have been linked to heart valve infections in dogs). Ruptured eardrum, and check out Ruptured eardrum on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. When sinus infection sets in, the mucus lining of the nose gets irritated and produces excess mucus, and this triggers what is known as sinus drainage. In the event of sinus drainage, the sinus fluid and mucus which is produced by the body, drains into the back of the throat.

Symptoms include feeling of pressure in the face (particularly starting from the area above and below the eyes and behind the nose), nausea, sore throat, bad headache, pain in the ear, accompanied by bad breath, and sometimes fever. Garlic juice, apple cider vinegar, warm soups, inhaling vapors of eucalyptus oil, mustard seeds, cinnamon, and peppermint also help in the treatment. Increasing intake of omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamin C, and maintain good personal hygiene. Ear mites are a common cause of ear infections in young cats and your veterinarian may recommend a treatment.There are right ways and wrong ways to inspect and clean cats' ears. When the infection sets in, the sinus fluid gets stagnated in the nasal passages, and becomes dense or thicker with time.
However, if your symptoms prolong or do not seem to improve, then this should warrant a medical appointment with your doctor. While most cats actually tolerate routine cleanings very well, these are a few tips that will work on most cats, including the toughest old Toms.First and foremost, make regular ear cleaning part of your routine. Sinus drainage is a natural process wherein, small amounts of sinus fluid moves through the sinuses everyday.
These symptoms are usually an indication of the sinusitis subsiding, and they include yellow-green nasal drainage (clear or thick), lessening of pressure in the face, and relief in breathing. These and similar irritants trigger the production of a watery liquid by the mucus-producing glands in the nasal area.
This mucus remains trapped, and creates an ideal environment for the pathogens to grow and multiply. It is most likely that you would be prescribed with medications, depending on the underlying cause of the drainage and its accompanying symptoms.

Note that sinus drainage is one of the reflexes of the body that reacts to any abnormal substance entering the nasal cavity.
So, when the sinus cavity is irritated, it floods the affected area by producing more mucus in order to get rid of the impurities, and reduces the inflammation. This mucus makes it way into the throat and the upper chest, and promotes more growth of virus or bacteria.
Use treats like Liver Bites or Tuna Flakes during and after the cleaning to keep the experience positive. This excess fluid goes down the throat for elimination (this is also known as post-nasal drip).
So when the treatment begins, the medications that are administered help to unblock the congestion and the blocked passages. This allows the trapped mucus to flow freely thus, causing the sinus to drain more than before. Most vets will want to see that the ear drum is not damaged, but if it is clogged up, they will not be able to see it. If the cat tries to get away, you can use your remaining three fingers to gently hang on to the loose skin on the back of its neck. You do not want your cats ear drum to be damaged and place a liquid in it, because it can cause severe damage.

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