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Yeast infections occur due to an overgrowth on the candida (sugar digesting) bacteria, most commonly affecting the ears, but can also manifest on the skin, paws, mouth, nose and gastrointeninal and genital tracts.
The exact causes are unknown and will depend on each individual although factors that suppress or imbalance the immune system are usually involved.
There has been increasing evidence of food allergies causing yeast infections and other allergies which has seen a rise in organic, grain free food brands. In addition to providing an anti-yeast diet as discussed above, the other thing you must do to help your dog overcome a yeast infection is to disinfect yeasty body parts.
Typically, a vet will prescribe an ointment, with instructions to keep applying it to the infected area.
Whichever area of your dog’s body is yeasty; you will need to disinfect it regularly, depending on the extent of the issue.
Disinfecting your dog’s ears can be done with a vet recommended either a store solution or a more natural one, such as witch hazel.
Some factors that may contribute to yeast infections include allergies to fleas, contact allergies, food allergies, prolonged use of steroids or antibiotics, hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism or Cushing’s Disease, cancer, chemotherapeutic drugs, and external skin parasites. Simple diet changes, such as switching to a raw diet or feeding a grain free dog food and grain free treats, will eliminate the cause of the infection and allow recovery to begin.

Unfortunately, very few dog food brands meet these requirements, containing not only vast amount of carbohydrates and sugar but also meat dereretives and often, e numbers.  Feeding your dog a  homemade diet is the best way to know exactly what your feeding them and will give you peace of mind of knowing that your dog’s food meets human quality standards. The problem with this approach is that as yeast dies off, it forms layer of dead yeast on top of layer of dead yeast. Remaining on a grain based dog food or feeding grain based treats will allow bad yeast to continue to thrive and can hinder or halt recovery.
In order to eradicate the infection altogether the dead layers of yeast must be removed and the skin must be disinfected. I'm especially passionate about dog adoption and always advocate rescue and enjoy writing about canine health and nutrition, alongside overall well-being tips for happy dogs! Dogs that have experience burn trauma, or dermatitis have an increased risk of developing the condition. Yeast thrives on carbohydrates and sugars so continuing to feed your dog grain based food will counteract all the hard work you are doing treating the problem, be it with medicated baths or medication.
Again, the amount of cleaning should correlate with the amount of debris built up in the ear. Some breeds are particularly predisposed to yeast infections including West Highland White Terriers, Poodles, Basset Hounds, Cocker Spaniels, and German Shepherds.

Diseases like diabetes can also encourage the bacteria to grow, causing intentional yeast to materialise in the stomach. Dogs do not use carbohydrates for energy like we do, and instead rely on meat as their energy source. If the Candida bacteria settles in the oral cavity, there will be an abnormal amount of drooling occur.
It will grow from wax, to yeast, to a fulminating bacterial infection unless you deal with it. Cystitis may occur if the infection has spread to the urinary bladder, and fever, skin irritation including the paws and open sores on the skin are also signs.

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