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Perichiondritis Definition: -An acute inflammation of the skin and the perichondrium that involves the articular cartilage -Most commonly due to bacterial infection stemming from a small injury in the conchal cavity or the auricle. Wrestler's Ear (cauliflower ear)- repeated trauma causing thickened auricle that resembles a vegetable.
Cerumen and Cerumen impaction Cerumen - forms a protective film in which the fatty acids, lysozymes and the creation of an acid milieu bacteriostatic and bactericidal) effectively protects the skin of the ear canal. Cerumen impaction - Disturbance of the normal self cleaning mechanism or excessive cerumen secretion. Otitis externa Definition: -Inflammation of the external auditory canal caused by factors that interfere with the normal defenses against infection. Myringitis -Inflammation of the tympanic membrane -Characterized by: - inflammation - Hemorrhage -Effusion of fluid into the tissue at the end of the external car canal and the tympanic membrane. Causes: – Viral infection – Bacteria (pneumococci, Haemophilus influenzae, betahemolytic streptococci, staphylococci) – organism that may cause acute otitis media.

Bulging Tympanic membrane Bulging tympanic membrane: bulging tympanic membrane occurs due to fluid collection in the middle ear cavity. Diseases of external auditory canal are grouped as: ? Congenital disorders ? Trauma ? Inflammation ? Tumors ? Miscellaneous conditions. The Integumentary System The body’s largest organ is the skin ~ 9-11 pounds (7% total body wt) An average adult male covers 20 square feet An average adult. Body Membranes Cover surfaces, line body cavities, and form protective (and often lubricating) sheets around organs Two main categories: Epithelial membranes.
Auricle ? elastic cartilage+skin Ear lobule ? no cartilage (fat and subbutaneous tissue) Function: sound localization and amplification. Symptoms: - severe ear pain - tenderness over the mastoid process - Small, reddened, inflamed blebs form in the canal, on the tympanic membrane - Fever and hearing loss are rare unless fluid accumulates in the middle ear or a large bleb totally obstructs the external auditory meatus. Auricle 2 External Ear 3 ¦ Congenital Anomalies In addition to wide variation in the position, size,and shape of the auricle, there.

Before recommending any OTC product to a person with an ear disorder, the pharmacist should recognize the symptoms of various disorders.
Anatomy and Physiology Consists of the auricle and EAM Skin-lined apparatus Approximately 2.5 cm in length. Ear lobe- devoid of cartilage, covered with adipose tissue.Instead, it is a wedge of adipose tissue covered by skin. Partial bulging - fullness of an opacified, convex tympanic membrane with preservation of the outline of either the manubrium or the lateral process of the malleus bone. Since there is no cartilage, there is not the risk of deformity from a blood clot or pressure injury to the ear lobe.

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