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On inspection of the rightnasal cavity you visualise a silver bead sitting just out of reach.
Nasal foreign bodies are a common complaint presenting to emergency departments, predominately affecting the paediatric population under 5 years of age.
Often the child will admit to putting something in their nose, or have been witnessed doing it. The most commonly encountered foreign bodies are, beads, beans, peanuts, toy parts, pebbles, paper wads, and eraser tips. The two most concerning foreign bodies are A button batteries and magnets as they have the ability to cause localised necrosis and septal perforation in a relatively short period of time.
Nasal foreign bodies are commonly located just anterior to the middle turbinate or below the inferior turbinate, and affect the right side twice as often as the left.
Nasal foreign bodies generally result in local inflammation, bleeding and purulent discharge. Nasal foreign bodies can generally be seen on direct visualisation, with the assistance of a nasal or otoscope speculum. Always apply personal protective equipment, as spraying of projectile body fluids often occurs during removal.
Topical application of lignocaine and adrenaline can aid in assessment and removal, by relieving pain, and providing lubrication.

Have suction ready during examination to help remove debris — sometimes it can even help remove the foreign body. Always attempt (child permitting) to visualise to nasal cavity post removal, to assess for complete removal and localised trauma.
Manual removal can be attempted in a cooperative or sedated child if the object is easily visualised, and able to be grasped.
Right-angled hook probes can be passed alongside and past larger objects, rotated and gradually drawn back, removing the object.
Forceps can be used (alligator or bayonet), and are useful for objects near the anterior nares. Start by asking the child to blow their nose, occluding the unaffected nostril as they do this. The kissing technique has been around since 1965 and recentA  studies have shown that the technique has a 50% success rate, doesn’t cause increase distress to the child or require sedation. Metal objects (ball bearings, nose piercings, magnets) have been successfully removed in the past using strong house hold magnets.
The magnet is held 1cm away from the affected nostril and is used to guide the object out of the nasal cavity. Another method involves the use of a cotton tip applicator with super glue or dermabond applied to the tip. Depending on the size of the nasal cavity and location of foreign body, it may be possible to gently insert a small size foley catheter past the foreign body, before inserting 1-2ml of water into the balloon, and gently retracting the catheter to dislodge the foreign body. Rarely objects will be located so posteriorly that all of the above techniques will be futile, and these patients should be referred to ENT for removal in theatre. When the above measures fail to remove the foreign body, or the child is to combative to attempt, its time to consider procedual sedation. Failing to promptly remove button batteries or magnets from the nose to prevent necrosis and septal perforation.

Failing to consult ENT specialist when there is suspected or proven damage to the nasopharynx requires ongoing management.
Not considering nasal foreign body in the diagnosis, when a child present with unilateral odor and discharge. For the past 12 years, the comedic actor has been in a relationship with his children’s mother and girlfriend, Angelica Zachary.
You’re about to finish working for the day in the minor injury unit when the nurse brings in one last patient.
T oavoid this try usingA  the tubing without the suction catheter to decrease the noise made. The parent then exhales into the child’s mouth, generating positive pressure, similar to that of nose blowing. Some of the tricks and traps of procedural sedation and the removal of foreign bodies are discussed in Anaesthetic Addler 001: Nasal foreign body, ketamine and laryngospasm. Our Team, headed by Mike Cadogan & Chris Nickson, consists (mostly) of emergency physicians and intensivists based in Australia and New Zealand.
She’s a disgruntled 3 year old girl with a complaint of green, offensive and malodorous discharge coming from her right nostril.
You then ask her mother to seal her mouth over the child’s, whilst occluding the unaffected nostril. The mother then rapidly exhales into the child’s mouth, shooting the little bead out across the room, resulting in great amusement for the child and an ear full of snot for the mother. After a quick check of the other nostril, the child is on her way home and you make it to the Friday after-work sundowner.

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