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We're still wrapping our heads around this, but Sony and Simon Cowell have officially decided to join the celebrity-endorsed headphone bandwagon.
The headphones may be rather large, but they're extremely pleasant to wear thanks to the design of the earpads. Dubbed as the MDR-X10, the X Factor-themed cans are certainly late to the party, but the vibrant red and silver color theme will ensure they get noticed -- and we're not saying that's a good thing. A massive amount of memory foam engulfed this editor's ears, making for a seal that could easily stand up to NYC's subway system and blocking noise as well as -- if not better than -- options like Sennheiser's Amperior. What's interesting here is that the headphones have an around-the-ear fit but the pads are totally flat, leaving a generous amount of space for your cartilage to float inside without getting pushed against the drivers' grills.
Unsurprisingly, the X10 is geared toward pumping out gobs of bass, being essentially a re-badge of the likes of Sony's XB800 from its Extra Bass headphone lineup.
That said, the headband has almost no padding, but it doesn't detract from earcups; the headphones feel very light and well-balanced on the head. We had the opportunity to give Cowell's new headgear a fair amount of listening time, so jump past the break where we'll judge its brief audition. It was clear how focused the cans are for bass-lovers from the first few seconds of listening. We can't yet confirm if it's due to the bass vents on the bottom of the earcups, but the headphones thankfully don't sound bloated or tubby despite the well-defined bass emphasis.
Unsurprisingly, however, the extra low-end kick means that treble takes a noticeable dip in its presence, meaning guitars and the like tend to sound veiled without EQ.
A key point to note, however, is that we never felt that the sound got extremely muddy or distorted -- it's just a voicing that's clearly geared toward pop and electronic tracks. Still, the slightly-lacking definition of the highs may frustrate those who prefer the likes of cymbals to sound as life-like as possible. If we had to make a call, we'd say anyone craving lots of low-end without minimal sacrifice of quality in the rest of the mix might have a set to consider. Sony has yet to confirm whether Simon's variant is voiced differently than its standard XB models, but assuming it is, we'd be remiss not to remind you that they sport the same design with a less ridiculous color scheme, priced from 40 to 150 euros ($51 to $192). Combining Simon Cowell's expertise seeking perfection in music with Sony's legendary audio engineering, the new X Headphones offer music lovers the truest sound reproduction along with the utmost in style and quality. The sound is that clear." "Our X Headphones are for the true listeners, the music fanatics who share Sony's uncompromising passion for music and precision in sound," said Andrew Sivori, vice president of the Personal Audio Division at Sony Electronics.

Featuring precision 50mm drivers, they deliver a rich, full-range audio experience that's ideal for all popular music genres. Besides reinforcing the headphones' powerful sub-bass reproduction capability, the ear pads deliver a supportive, wrap-around feel, ideal for long-term wearing comfort.
Sporting aluminum headbands, swivel mechanisms and end caps, they project an image that's as strong and solid as their sound.
As the official headphone partner of THE X FACTOR, the new X Headphones will be seen in episodes throughout the season as well as featured in a key in-show integration. Please also stay tuned to the Sony Blog for up-coming opportunities to win your own X Headphones SYCO ENTERTAINMENT Syco Entertainment is a leading global music, television, film and digital production company. Syco is a joint venture between Simon Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment, with offices in London and Los Angeles.
Airing on ITV1, The X Factor has been the No 1 show in the UK for eight years, with the 2010 finale achieving a peak of 21.2 million viewers, and a 65% share. The 2011 finale, held at Wembley Arena in front of a live audience of 12,000, was the most watched entertainment TV show of the year.
The X Factor launched in the US in the fall of 2011 on Fox, immediately becoming the No 1 unscripted show of the season.
The X Factor also gave Fox victory in the November sweep among adults aged 18 to 49 for only the second time in the network's history.
Local versions of The X Factor are now produced in more than 41 territories and artists discovered by The X Factor format have sold more than 100 million records worldwide, including 110 No 1's, 270 Top 10 records, and 501 Top 50 releases.
In the US, America's Got Talent has been the highest rated series on NBC for the last four seasons, reaching average audiences of up to 16.4 million viewers. Britain's Got Talent launched in the UK in 2007, and was the nation's highest-rated new entertainment programme of the year. The 2012 series final which saw Ashleigh Butler and Pudsey the dog triumph, had a peak audience of 14.5 million making it the highest rated UK entertainment television show to date this year.
Local versions of the show have been produced in 54 territories so far, with the 2011 final of China's Got Talent delivering a record-breaking 60 million viewers.

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