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Reduce loud factory noise to the level of a normal conversation or protect your ears at the rack track or tractor pull with these industrial ear muffs! Steambrite will ship the Ear Muffs Noise Protection Headphones Protection Muffs (over the head) [792363437684] by either Fedex or Freight Quote, and will normally be shipped within 2-5 working days.
Warranty Disclaimer: Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for defects in the products shall be as provided in the manufactures's warranty and any other rights provided by law against the manufacturer. Tactical Waterproof, Shockproof, Rechargeable Multifunctional Luxeon 3-Watt LED Flashlight - SHIPS FREE! Stanley Prodex High Dexterity Synthetic Leather Palm Gloves with Spandex Back - L or XL - SHIPS FREE!

20 + 3 LED Swivel Work Light with Hanging Hook and Magnetic Base - One For $5.49, Two For $8, or THREE for $9.99! Tactical Rechargeable Cree Adjustable Beam Flashlight With Signal Wand and Color Filters - SHIPS FREE! The large high-impact plastic ear cups fit snugly and without strain and soft PVC ear cushions provide all-day comfort. Equipment small enough to be sent by Fedex should typically arrive within 3-5 business days after shipment. Specifications are subject to change without notice.Steam Brite Inc shall have no obligation or liability to buyer whether arising in contract (including warranty) tart (including active, passive or imputed negligence) other otherwise for loss of use, revenue or profit, or any other incidental or consequential damages with respect to any non-conformance or defect in any items provided here under.

These handy ear muffs meet ANSI specifications and provide up to 23 dB noise reduction rating at 500 Hz. Large Equipment could take in excess of 6-8 working days to arrive after shipment, and ground shipping times are not guaranteed. Ideal for use with string trimmers, lawn mowers, circular saws, drills and other noisy power tools.

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