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Hearos Multi-Use Reusable Water and Noise Protection Ear Plugs are ideal for sealing water out for use as a swimming, water protection ear plug. Cirrus BioEars Soft Moldable Silicone Ear Plugs provide both water and noise protection, making them ideal for swimming, bathing, and preventing Swimmer's Ear, as well as for general noise protection applications in moderately loud environments. The NRR 27 also makes Hearos Multi-Use ear plugs an excellent choice for noise environments up to 112 dB, including shooting sports, home shop and industrial workplace noise protection.Hearos Multi-Use ear plugs feature a unique four-flange system with a small hemispherical flange, two mid-sized straight flanges and a large hemispherical flange that, together, provide a secure, comfortable seal for most users from teens through adults.

Like all moldable plugs, BioEars ear plugs are designed to seal over the ear canal rather than fitting inside the ear canal, so when worn properly, BioEars ear plugs are very comfortable.
Cirrus BioEars are made with ACTIValoe® genuine aloe vera, the same beneficial herbal ingredient found in many skincare products. As a result, BioEars soft silicone ear plugs are extra gentle on the ears, and are excellent for use during sleep, study, and relaxation.
I will need to have tubes placed in my ears and until that time my doctor said to obtain and use ear plugs.

The only complaint is this and this maybe due to my ear; I get a very small amount of moisture in my ear. At $2.24 a pair including a case, most of our customers have found this plug to be effective and a good value for the money.

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