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Nothing beats popping in some earphones and listening to your favorite tracks while you grind away at the less amusing parts of life such as working out or mowing the grass.
The JBuds J4m In-Ear Headphones by JLabs boast a rugged aluminum housing with flexible exoskeleton armor throughout, and in-line mic with control buttons for answering calls mid-song, and a kevlar reinforced tangle-free flat cable. For only fifteen bucks, the Panasonic RPTCM125K In-Ear Headphones come equipped with a 9mm speaker driver, a well balanced sound, a built-in single button universal remote and mic, and three pairs of ergonomic fit silicone earbuds.

Our favorite in-ear headphones on the list and a steal at only fifteen dollars, Sony’s MDR-EX37B Earphones boast 9mm driver units that surprisingly offer a stronger, fuller sound than the other earphones we tested, along with a satisfyingly deep bass.
Long term wearing comfort along with high performance dynamic drivers systems that provide a bass-driven listening experience at up to 110 decibels make the Sennheiser MX 365 In-Ear Headphones perfect for the serious gamer or casual audiophile on a tight budget. I particularly like these for comfort and ease of fitting, but they are not necessarily the best for heavy activity when you may need added ear security.

When you put the earbuds in they fit well down into the ear canal and give a better sound, cutting out a lot of extraneous noise.SoundI found the sound to be almost superb.

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