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About the Author More ArticlesAbout Leah BroukhimLeah Broukhim is a junior at Beverly Hills High School. In a normally working system, sound first is collected by the pinna, which is the cartilage portion of the ear that is visible on the outside.
When the vibrations sent to the inner ear are too strong it can damage the eardrum, ossicles, or cochlea.
If you would like to speak with one of our physicians regarding this issue or another ear, nose, throat problem; or have other questions or concerns, please complete the contact form below or call us at 310-657-0123. She is a member of the Science Olympiad Team, tutors elementary students, and volunteers at Sunrise Senior Living.
It is designed to provide reliable medical information in a format that is easy to understand. When it comes to sneakers, I’m picky about the way they look, the way they fit and how comfortable they are to wear. You can partially or completely alleviate this by wrapping the cord around the top of your ear the same way the hook on a sport earphone does.

The vibrations are sent to three smaller bones (ossicles) within the ear called the malleus, incus, and stapes. As Chief of Medical Resources, I hold an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles and a graduate degree in Medical Science from the University of Southern California. Well, this one can pair with up to 3 devices and has an easy to use dial to switch between them.
These smaller bones send the vibrations to the cochlea (a snail shaped sac of fluid), causing tiny hair cells in the cochlea to bend. Comfort and sound are equally important to me when it comes to choosing a new pair because good sounding earphones are wonderful until they make your ears sore after only a few minutes. These hair cells are attached to nerves and when they bend, it produces an electrical signal which is carried to the brain. When DUNU asked if I would like to test drive their TITAN 1 in-ear earphones, I honestly didn’t want to.
She researched and wrote this article as part of the Student Mentorship Program through Osborne Head and Neck Foundation.

I don’t like in-ear earphones because they are isolating and tend to be uncomfortable. Like styles of music, what I enjoy in an earphone will not always be what someone else enjoys. The color-coded accent ring looks cool and provides a visual queue to let you quickly figure out which earphone goes in your ear.
Red for the right side is easier to remember than having to look for the tiny L and R etched on each earphone.

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