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People often discover that they have a thyroid disorder after they begin experiencing a variety of symptoms. Speech Pathology Speech Pathologists see both adults and children with cognitive-linguistic, language, literacy, swallowing, stuttering, voice, and motor speech disorders. Skincare One of the chief indicators of a person’s health and age is the appearance of his or her skin. Diet and Nutrition A dietitian provides assistance and education for every day meal and exercise plans and provides advice and modified diet plans to treat health and medical conditions. Click on more and find information and a list of procedures done in our clinic Cosmetic Facial Surgery. Providence Medical Group ENT (otolaryngology) provides diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the mouth, throat, face, ears, neck, nose and scalp.

We believe that all people will be given care with dignity and respect, in an environment which is sensitive to each person's beliefs, values and culture.
You may notice symptoms such difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, sudden weight loss, or feelings of anxiety.
This is simply one reason why it is of such great importance to keep this organ vibrant, healthy, and rejuvenated. We offer Ear Nose and Throat Surgery, Diet & Nutrition Advice, Skincare and Speech Pathology.
Cabenda was born on May 4, 1957 in Aruba and raised in Aruba, Suriname and the Netherlands.
This includes a wide range of diseases, structural issues, and facial fractures as well as cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

We avail ourselves of the latest ENT procedures by an ongoing program of training and interaction with other highly trained professionals in the medical field. In 2005, the KNO CLINIC and Aruba's Center for Cosmetic Surgery was opened featuring a state-of-the-art Surgical Suite.

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