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The heavy load of passengers remains consistent all day long, so most commuters pick up their meals or cups of coffee from the nearest bistros and coffee shops. Aside from locals, people from other areas of British capital also come to this centrally located tube station in order to reach their favourite clubs and bars near King's Cross St.
People who are interested in learning about the history and old customs of previous civilizations will be jubilant to know that there are several museums near King's Cross St. Those who love to follow fashion, and do not go out without making their hair or working on their looks will find various choices in the form of salons, spas and gyms near the King's Cross St. Since this is one of the most populated areas of London, therefore people will find police and fire brigade stations in the neighbourhood of the King's Cross St.
With this kind of heavy passenger transfer on a daily basis, anyone can get hurt or face a medical problem.

Pancras is a London Underground tube station that can be found in the London Borough of Camden. Pancras tube station, which makes it quite easy for visitors to use this station at any hour of the day.
Pancras tube station also provides access to students that came from various parts of London to study in different universities, colleges and schools which are located in close vicinity to this station.
Pancras tube station can buy books and gifts without going too far from this station as there is a decent number of gift and book shops around it. But they don't have to worry since they can find hospitals and clinics on walking distance from the King's Cross St. Pancras tube station offer not only various healthy activities, but also take great care of the kids while their parents are away.

Currently it is serving both St Pancras and King’s Cross, and after Victoria and Waterloo, King’s Cross St. To handle this massive crowd of passengers, authorities have made 11 entrances that are also used to exit from the King’s Cross St. To further facilitate passengers, the station is equipped with lifts, escalators, gates, cash machine and pay phones. This station has a long unfolding as the first underground station on King’s cross that was started in 1863, and after going through several changes, today it is serving third most lines on the system than any other station.

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