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Sinusitis, as most readers of this post know, is an inflamed condition of the sinus tissues. Pouring Rains brings relief to hot temperatures of Mumbai but along with it mumbaikars see increase in Ear, Nose and Throat infections and thus results in increase number of patients visiting to ENT Specialists. Fever Occurs when the body's internal "thermostat" raises the body temperature above its normal level. Ear Infection Causes: The most common cause of acute ear infections is an upper respiratory infection that spreads to the ears. Ear Infection Glue Ear occurs when the middle ear fills with a sticky, glue-like fluid instead of air.
Ear Infection Ruptured Eardrum is a hole or tear in your eardrum, the thin drum-like tissue that separates your ear canal from your middle ear. Influenza Children 0-5 years old and those with other health conditions are at greater risk of being hospitalized with complications from the flu. Sore Throat (Also known as pharyngitis) If running a temperature see doctor to test for strep throat.
Diarrhea loose, watery stools occurring more than three times in one day – is a common problem that usually lasts a day or two and goes away on its own without any special treatment.
However, Sinusitis is often confused with rhinitis, which is a medical term used to describe inflammation and irritation of the nasal passage. Ear Infection The middle ear, the eardrum, or the ear canal can be affected by an infection.
Artificial Respiration: a procedure for forcing air into the lungs of a person whose breathing has stopped. Poison Control Center: a special unit that gives advice for and treats victims of poisoning. Install guards Guards should be used until children are old enough to understand about the risk of burns from heat sources. Inflammation from the infection causes the eustachian tube to swell shut, and traps bacteria in the middle ear cavity.
This fluid dampens the vibrations made by sound waves as they travel through the eardrum and ossicles.

A ruptured eardrum can result in hearing loss and make your middle ear vulnerable to infections or other injury. The position the child is in while breastfeeding is better than the usual bottle-feeding position for optimal eustachian tube function. When sinuses are infected and blocked, they get filled with fluid and other bacterial elements. Asthma: a condition affecting the lungs in which air passages tighten, making it difficult to breathe.
Shaken Baby Syndrome: a serious type of physical abuse that occurs when a baby is violently shaken.
Make sure all OTC and prescription medications are stored in high cabinets with safety latches or locks. Cause for concern: a temperature over 102 F Treat with a childrens fever reducer NEVER NEVER give a child ASPIRIN! For kids younger than 3 months, you'll get the most reliable reading by using a digital thermometer to take a rectal temperature.
The cochlea in turn receives dampened vibrations, and so the 'volume' of hearing is essentially 'turned down'.
Treatment of allergies Removal of adenoids Usually not an effective in treating build up of fluid in the ear. If a child must be bottle-fed, it is best to hold the infant rather than allow him or her to lie down with the bottle.
Pedialyte in liquid or popsicle form Gatorade Liquid should be taken in small sips frequently. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): first aid technique that tries to restore breathing and heartbeat to persons who show no signs of breathing or pulse. Guns Ammunition Power Tools To prevent poisoning, store household chemicals in a securely locked cabinet. Electronic ear thermometers aren't recommended for infants younger than 3 months because their ear canals are usually too small.
This is why glue ear children display symptoms such as dulled or apparent selective hearing.

Sometimes, you may need a procedure to promote healing of a ruptured eardrum, or need surgical repair for a ruptured eardrum. Because multiple upper respiratory infections may increase the risk for acute otitis media, reducing the exposure to large groups of children, particularly in daycare centers, may reduce the incidence. Vaccine: a small amount of disease-carrying germs introduced to the body on purpose so that the body can build resistance to that disease. For kids between 3 months to 4 years old, you can use a digital thermometer to take a rectal temperature or an electronic ear thermometer to take the temperature inside the ear canal. Children should also be kept away from environmental irritants such as secondhand tobacco smoke. Heimlich Maneuver: procedure that removes food or other obstacles from a choking persons airway. Wellness: the process of acquiring and maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and social health. You could also use a digital thermometer to take an axillary temperature, although this is a less accurate method.
For kids 4 years or older, you can usually use a digital thermometer to take an oral temperature if your child will cooperate.
Consult doctor before use Not usually recommended-stopping the diarrhea traps the organism in the body.
After the child has been seen by a physician, fever reducer such as Tylenol can be given to minimize pain and reduce fever. However, kids who have frequent coughs or are breathing through their mouths because of stuffy noses might not be able to keep their mouths closed long enough for an accurate oral reading.
In these cases, you can use the tympanic method (with an electronic ear thermometer) or axillary method (with a digital thermometer).

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