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The hospital closed in 1989 with a move to concentrate all medical treatment into a small number of large hospitals in the suburbs – Queen Elizabeth, East Birmingham etc. Whilst an impressive building, its interior was far from suited to being a modern hospital and accommodating the equipment and data systems needed for treatments today, not least due to its fairly restrictive size. Mr Paul Kirkland Dermatology & Ear, nose and throat Consultant, Hastings, East Sussex, private hospital specialist.

These links are outside Spire Healthcare's control and we take no responsibility for the information they contain. Use one or more of the options below to search for a consultant and link through to view their Spire profile. We had 3 wards and I was the ward Sister on ward 2 which was mainly adults head and neck surgery.

We had our own ICU on ward 1 and recovered all our own patients following total Laryngectomies, skin flaps, pedicle grafs, colon transplants etc.

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