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In honor of “Noirvember,” we’re revisiting three of the most popular representatives of the film noir canon, and the fictional works they are based on. Dashiell Hammett’s Continental Op was the prototype for generations of tough-guy detectives.
The Thin Man may have found his latest screenwriter: Jerry Stahl has signed on to write the script for a planned remake starring Johnny Depp. Dashiell Hammett’s best-known detective was his most appealing and enduring creation—even before Humphrey Bogart took him on. When a 63-year-old man went to a hospital in Switzerland to report a buzzing in his ear, the staff got more than they bargained for when they looked inside. A tick was attached to his eardrum, and it possibly got there with the help of a friendly feline.
The man is fine now that the tick has been removed, according to a brief report in the September 20 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. While it’s uncommon for ticks to make their way into the ear canal, emergency physicians say insects do make appearances in this fragile orifice. The report said the man visited a hospital in Bern, Switzerland, while suffering from itching and “bubbling tinnitus,” a kind of buzzing, in the ear. The hospital removed the tick by numbing the man’s ear and then using a suction device to suck it out.
The tick can spread Lyme disease, but tests later revealed that the man didn’t get infected; he recovered without further problems. Keamy said the tick could have bitten the man inside his ear, but probably wouldn’t have caused permanent damage.
Keamy added that it’s smart to wear long-sleeved clothing while you’re in wooded areas where ticks live. Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is Singapore's flagship hospital offering comprehensive range of medical specialties and services for our patients spanning over two centuries.

I saw an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist, a gastroenterologist and a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. It is different from dysphagia, which refers either to difficulty with the act of swallowing or a sensation of obstructed passage when one is trying to swallow food or liquid.
Gerd refers to the abnormal movement of acid from the stomach up into the oesophagus (food pipe) that gives rise to symptoms.
Some patients with globus sensation may have increased sensitivity of the nerves of the gut. A minority of patients may have abnormal acid-producing tissue within the food pipe that may be causing the globus sensation as a result of irritation from the acid produced by the abnormal tissue. Unlike dysphagia, which can be a symptom of a serious condition such as a stroke or throat cancer, globus sensation is a benign condition and most patients do not have any underlying serious conditions.
Some patients may become particularly bothered by the sensation and it is often the fear of a serious underlying problem that leads to medical attention. The distinction between globus sensation and dysphagia may be difficult to make at times and further tests may be carried out in these instances.
Initial evaluation typically involves looking for a growth within the oral cavity and food pipe by the ENT surgeon and gastroenterologist respectively.
In some instances, weakness or the incoordination of the muscles involved in the act of swallowing may give rise to symptoms. These typically occur in patients with underlying neurological diseases, such as a previous stroke or Parkinson’s disease.
So in patients with continued troubling symptoms, additional tests may include assessment of swallowing with real-time video recordings of swallowing (videofluoroscopic study) and assessment of the oesophageal function (oesophageal manometry). Such tests, however, are required only in a minority of patients when there is diagnostic uncertainty. An explanation and reassurance that the nature of globus sensation is benign are all that is needed for the majority of patients.

Endoscopic treatment has been tried with some measure of success in ablating abnormal acid-producing tissue in the food pipe, but this is not recommended as a routine for the vast majority of patients as it carries some risks. Give some credit to Carroll John Daly, but he was just delivering the dime-novel, blood-and-thunder yarn with more grit. In ‘‘The Tenth Clew,” one of the most popular stories in the series, the Op unravels a murder with too many clues.
The original film, which starred starred William Powell and Myrna Loy as whiskey-drinking, zinger-flinging crime-solvers Nick and Nora Charles, was based on Dashiell Hammett’s final novel. A private eye turned mystery writer, Gores was a lifelong fan of crime fiction and a particular admirer of Dashiell Hammett’s work. Donald Keamy Jr., a pediatric otolaryngologist _ ear, nose and throat doctor — at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. The tick had probably caused the buzzing sound through its contact with the eardrum, Keamy explained. It has been implicated as one of the causes of globus sensation, though this is probably true only in a minority of patients.
This may entail either evaluation by scans or endoscopy (examination of the food pipe by inserting a long flexible tube with a camera).
This includes acid blocking medication to treat underlying Gerd, such as proton pump inhibitors, and medication to reduce the sensitivity of the nerves in the gut, such as tricyclic antidepressants. It feels like my uvula (the piece of flesh protruding from the roof of the mouth) is touching the inner part of my tongue.

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