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This coming Saturday we will celebrate our beautiful home town during the 2015 Loblolly Festival sponsored by Southern Beverage Co., Sanderson Farms and Trustmark National Bank.
Every year the Loblolly Festival draws craftsmen, cooks, artists and musicians together atop the historic, brick streets of Downtown Laurel, MS. A swarm of locals and travelers alike come to view their creations, taste their wares and ride bumping along between the buildings in the tractor-pulled train. Mothers and fathers hold tiny kids by the hand who watch wide-eyed as the chainsaw and tintype artists create beautiful works of art. Surrounded by delicious smells and the bustle of the crowd, they taste the first fair-style foods of the season then make their way to the stage to listen to a talented local musician perform a familiar song. The Strays deliver bold, bluesy rock n roll with a fearless, funky vibe that is glacially cool. Magnolia Drive delivers a hard-driving, contemporary and traditional sound with tasteful instrumentals, smooth blending vocals, and all the energy that you can stand! Stop by the Beer Garden sponsored by Southern Beverage near the stage in Pinehurst Park as you enjoy great music by these talented local artists! The Arts & Crafts Vendors come in every shape, size and variety and are a huge part of the Loblolly Festival. The Food Vendors will be ready to fill your belly with delicious fair food, unique creations and festival favorites. The Organizations booths will feature those who are dedicated to helping others and information on how you can join them. Thank you to our festival sponsors, producers and LMS partners for making this all possible!
Bethany Byrd is the president of Mississippi marketing company Own Your Hill, a team of strategists, consultants and creatives who help small town folks tell big stories.
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This is a sampling of the types of information to be gleaned form the genealogy archives at the Baker Block Museum. Wanda Rummels and Diane Bayard, sister of Sam McCart donated the contents of Sam and Gwen's house to the museum in 2000.
WH Mapoles, member of Walton County House of Representatives first introduced bill to create "Yellow River" county.
Carswell's story of Camp Timpoochee sheds light on the Chief by the same name, who has been referred to as "Sam Story." The next article in "The Changing Face of Okaloosa" deals with Nancy Ward and the next, with Bolton village. Ann Spann who writes the newsletter and has written for the Okaloosa County Citizen Review, has unearthed many stories of families in the area. Laurel Hill Gazette first paper by Eric von Axelson was joined in 1908 by Laurel Hill News - William H. By 1912 700 folks churches, a telephone system, Vaughn Drug Store, JC Steele Sawmill, JJ Summerlin Turpentine Still.
1889 a petition was sent to the governor of the state to allow JE Bush to practice medicine and signed by the following 70 people on 20 November 1889.
1904 a Post Office was established at the home of AB Morris just south of Baker on Highway 4 and it was named Cob Town. The children imagine their own hands creating and building as they watch a familiar shape emerge from the raw wooden materials, an image where previously there was only a thin sheet of metal. FESTIVAL INFO Stop by the Gazebo at Pinehurst Park for any information you may require during the day’s event.

LOBLOLLY STAGE Live music performances begin at 11:00AM at the new stage location at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Sawmill Road, near the courthouse. CHICK FIL A RUN (NEW!) Beginning at 7:30 AM in the Sawmill Mark Parking Lot, the Chick-fil-A run will feature a 5K, 10K and 1 Mile Fun Run for families.
WOOD CARVING DEMONSTRATIONS BY DAYTON SCOGGINS International World Cup Champion chainsaw artist, Dayton Scoggins, carves all day long just south of the flag pole beside Elegant Evenings.
BIRDS OF PREY (NEW!) The Birds of Prey exhibit, located in the lot at the corner of Oak & Front Streets, will feature 7 birds of prey including hawks, owls, a vulture and a falcon. THE KID ZONES offer fun jumps, slides, train rides, pony rides, face painting, a craft area and more. THE CHILDREN’S ART AREA Sponsored and created by Clairmont Designs, the Children’s Art Area is the place to be for kids of all ages. THE LOBLOLLY LUMBERJACK The Loblolly Lumberjack is a definite crowd favorite as he towers over the festival goers adorned in plaid carrying his trusty axe. MICHAEL FOSTER TINTYPE PORTRAITS Oxford, Mississippi artist Michael Foster, an expert in wet plate collodion tintype photography, will be offering portrait sessions in this 1800s-era photography method from his mobile darkroom near City Hall.
FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH PUMPKIN PATCH Back this year, the FUMC Pumpkin Patch is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of fall in Downtown Laurel! LAUREL WELCOME CENTER & RASBERRY FINANCIAL COLLEGE GAME DAY Visit the newly-opened Laurel Welcome Center throughout the day to learn about the rich history of the “City Beautiful.” New this year, watch the day’s college football games on the big screen provided by Rasberry Financial!
He remains a Mississippi Blues man of the highest order and in South Mississippi a local legend. These guys possess the desire and ability necessary to perform and record high-quality bluegrass. From children’s clothes to christmas gifts and decor, handmade apparel to wooden toys, the arts and crafts vendors are the first stop for many festival goers.
The food trucks and booths will be dishing out everything from smoked turkey legs and blooming onions to funnel cakes, corndogs, kettle corn and sausage dogs. Community organizations from throughout Jones County will be on hand to help you better understand not only what they do and how they help, but how you can get involved! Own Your Hill is a Laurel Main Street partner providing strategic consulting, website strategy, and content promoting LMS initiatives and projects.
These tidbits will be gleaned from printed materials the museum owns or has put into its newsletter and they will focus on people rather than objects. The family had moved from Covington County, AL in 1903 and helped to develop the Baker area. Raymond recalled great shoals of roe mullet coming into the area after hurricanes further south. Samuel Lee Lancaster may not have moved as his land was was on and across the road from Gannon State Park, which is just southwest of Bolton.
Names were written by the person who wrote the petition and spelled as he saw fit & interpreted to the best of my abilities.
The Laurel Main Street Trailer parked across the street at Bancorp South is the place to purchase your limited-edition 2015 Loblolly Festival, Eastman Gardiner Lumber Company, Lindsey Wagon T-shirts! Doggies will be scored in several categories by guest judges, including last year’s winner.
The exciting presentation will give you a chance to see these beautiful creatures up close and learn about the roles they play in the animal kingdom. The art area will be located beside Clairmont Designs near the corner of Oak & Front Streets.

LOBLOLLY BEER GARDEN Stop by the beverage wagon in Pinehurst Park one block down from the Loblolly Stage for a cup your favorite domestic or craft beers.
Stop by on your way out of the festival to purchase beautiful pumpkins from the FUMC Youth Group.
Pair that with their over 100 years of combined experience and professionalism both on and off-stage and you have a group that is turning heads in the bluegrass music world!
You’ve told stories, shared memories and convinced others to take a moment out of their lives to cast their vote for our City Beautiful. Robinson, Directors _ ZW Moore, HG Baggett, JA Hart, JL Crawford, WA Richards, LW Nelson, JA Richbourg. When the new county was finally formed and named as Okaloosa in 1915 governor Park Trammell appointed officials.
Bolton joining the Union Army in 1864 notes his home as "Boggy" indicating that the community had been around before the Civil War. Some stores in the area were Malloy's Patent Medicine Drug Store and Miss Rosa Kierce's Dry Goods and Millinery. Born 2 March 1884 in LaPine, AL and fifth child of Oliver and Eugenia Caroline (Merritt) Enzor. Watch for a stunning red-tail hawk and turkey vulture flying over the festival during the presentation! Don’t miss your chance to meet the folks from Downtown Laurel’s own Slowboat Brewing Company and get the first taste of their small-batch, artisan style brews. The Mercantile store was first called ZW Moore General Merchandise, run next by his son Belah, then by a cousin, Jack King and finally by Jack's daughter Joyce. Graduated in 1918 from the Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat College after having completed most of his training by 1908. If you should wish to volunteer to type material, please call the museum to let them know - (850) 537-5714. Steel, JD Kilpatrick, JA Kilpatrick, CA Bush, RA Meaddows, Daniel Busbie, JC Busbie, NR Stewart, JJ Laseter, James Busbe, MO Harison, Mack H Busbie, E Laseter, JJ Hurst, JW Gashing, Jason Steel, Ruben Kelley, P.
The Nathey's had a mill on the other side of Boggy Bayou and the Anchors and Burlesons were prominent around Boggy (Niceville). Saunders, John Fowler, Ravin Moor, BM Copage, Jonathan Nichols, JP Nichols, WH Segler, WR Henderson, BW Bartlett, RW Moore, John Gavins, Wm. Jones, FT Cook, JA Cutts, JH Givens, Darle Weeks, David Lott, SJ Clark, John Carter, RB Gavins, JW Gavins, Wm. Justus Orlando and Rhett Ewing, two of Olin's brothers and a nephew Allen Austin Enzor, worked at the Enzor Hospital after 1912.
Bunte brothers & Marholers speculating on 40 acre tracts - houses, satumas, bluberries and grapes. Jut had a daughter Sara in 1923 who married Buck Lee and they had a daughter Sara Ann who married a Rushing. Plew established winery and employed master vintner HE Engelke to make wine of satsumas and local grapes. Wayne and David Campbell, sons of June Enzore Campbell who is cousin to the Oliver Enzor family, also practiced medicine.

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