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I am very fortunate to be able to spend a large part of my working life with children in such an enormously rewarding field. I am the lead clinician for ENT surgery at the Children’s Hospital where I spend around two thirds of my NHS time. In the clinic at the Spire Hospital I treat a wide range of children’s ENT conditions and the audiologists I work alongside also have great experience of children’s ear and hearing problems.
I have a very broad training in general and adult ENT, training in the South West region and for a period in Toronto.
I am very interested in imaging and photography and like to apply this to teaching and clinical work, I am the lead clinician for undergraduate ENT teaching at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Bristol Children’s Hospital.
In my spare time I am a rather average singer and musician but have as a result developed an interest in the voice and hearing problems that affect professional musicians. In addition to administrative correspondence, we deliver news about the Event from time to time.
We recommend that you do not unsubscribe from this list so you do not miss important information about the Event. Whiting: Was 12 hours in a jail cell for female suspected of drunken driving a civil rights issue? Attorney Rick Simmons holds up a copy of court records containing accusations against his client during a news conference at his Metairie, La. An airboat pulls up to help evacuate patients and and staff at Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans in a Wednesday, Aug.
The suspects in the post-Katrina New Orleans hospital deathsA look at the doctor and two nurses charged with murdering four desperately ill patients with lethal injections in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: a€? Dr. NEW ORLEANS - Three days after Hurricane Katrina, the nursing director at Memorial Medical Center huddled with other officials outside the emergency room, surrounded by 10 feet of putrid floodwater. As well as private work at the Spire Hospital Bristol, I work at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and at St. I trained at Bristol University medical school, graduating first in my year in child health.

Since then I have developed my interest in children’s ENT problems and now deal with a range of complex problems, taking tertiary referrals from the whole of the South West region and beyond. In addition to this I am a council member of the British Association of Paediatric Otolaryngology and I am a member of the teaching faculty of the British paediatric ENT course for registrars. As a registrar I spent a year at the University of Bristol undertaking basic science research into the molecular mechanisms of rhinitis and nasal polyps and was awarded a doctorate (MD) in 2003. Anna Pou, 50, was an ear, nose and throat specialist at Memorial Medical Center when Katrina hit on Aug. Hundreds of people were stranded inside, the power was out and the toilets were backing up. Dean Spivacke said.“The investigators uncovered evidence which supported the victim’s allegations,” Spivacke said in a statement.
After starting specialist training in ENT surgery I developed an interest in children’s ENT problems while working as a Senior Registrar at Bristol Children’s Hospital.
The great advantage of working in a team of three consultants in the Bristol ENT Partnership is that we are able to pursue our specialist interests and take advantage of each others differing expertise by cross referring patients where necessary.
This research was recognized both nationally (UK Otolaryngology Research Society prize 1997) and internationally (European Rhinology Society research prize 1997). Details about the allegations were not released.McGuire, an ear, nose and throat specialist, had opened a practice on July 29 at Graybill Medical Group in Escondido. I subsequently spent 6 months of my higher specialist training at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, followed by a year’s fellowship in paediatric ENT at the New Children’s Hospital in Sydney. I regularly lecture on the subject to trainees and consultants in other specialties both at home and abroad. I undertake surgery for nasal polyps and sinusitis and also have a major interest in reshaping of the nose to correct breathing and traumatic deformity as well as for cosmetic reasons. A New Orleans native, Pou studied at Louisiana State University's medical school and did her residency at the University Of Pittsburgh. The nursing director reported that some patients were very sick and probably could not be evacuated with the rest of the hospital.

She completed a fellowship in head and neck surgery and microvascular reconstructive surgery at Methodist Hospital of Indiana.
On Tuesday, Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti alleged that a doctor and two nurses decided to administer lethal doses of morphine and a sedative to at least four trapped and desperately ill patients. Anna Pou and nurses Lori Budo and Cheri Landry were booked on charges of being "principals to second-degree murder," which carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison.
Court papers and interviews with people who were at Memorial after the storm paint a desperate picture filled with fear and potentially agonizing choices. Her attorney, John DiGiulio, said she has been a nurse for more than 20 years, more than 10 of them at Memorial Medical. Gregory Vorhoff, who stayed throughout the storm and eventually hitched a ride on a boat to seek help. Memorial Medical, he said, "had ceased to be a hospital." According to an arrest affidavit, Pou told a nursing executive on Sept.
1 that the sickest patients were probably not going to survive and that "a decision had been made to administer lethal doses." "Lethal does of what?" the executive asked. Attorneys for Pou and Landry maintained their clients' innocence; it was not immediately clear if Budo, the second nurse, had an attorney.
Angela McManus, whose mother was on the seventh floor, described the scene as "total chaos," though she disputes that patients were too sick to be evacuated.
Her mother died at Memorial Medical but was not among those the doctor and nurses are accused of killing. Vorhoff was not at the hospital when the killings allegedly occurred but said conditions at Memorial resembled a MASH unit during a war, not a hospital surrounded by large oaks and old homes.
The patients were severely ill _ suffering from terminal cancer or on life support in many cases.

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