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People, I’ve been super sick for about five days now, and I might as well just lay that out right away, so you’ll know why this post I’m launching into turns out so scattered and crazy-sounding.
Sitting back and just watching some derby, and not having to sweat, strain, hit the floor, and yell constantly is actually really, really, seductively, awesome. I’ve been coughing like a madwoman, ripping huge hacks out of my increasingly sore throat, my nose has been pouring like goddamn Niagara, I’ve been feverish and consequently cranky, I’ve been sleepless and consequently depressed.
I made a flurry of doctor’s appointments, including my first with a chiropractor (oh my, I’m a little in love with that man now), and a visit to my totally generous ear, nose, and throat (ENT) guy, who graced me with two steroid shots, some magic decongesting nasal spray, and two antibiotic prescriptions (man, he’s easy). Oh my god, we had so many incidents last night – a busted knee, a hurt shoulder, a banged head.
The group I’m talking about here is the Capitol Offenders, our newly-christened team of new-but-not-freshmeat skaters who constitute what might be called a “B-team” on other leagues.
So, people were, let’s say, a bit cranky in general, at the beginning of practice (I contributed, I admit).
I’ve been laying in bed like a loser and weeping like a little kid, which of course has aggravated my stupid, chronically bad neck.
Until I realized that fake, drugged fan-tastic doesn’t really translate into, like, actual energy.

This group includes a lot of post-Whip It people who joined us in or around October 2009, and so many of them have progressed at lightning speed.
I can’t let myself think that sitting out again is an option, because I can see now why it’s so tempting. If your doctor is not listed, click here for additional physicians accepting the First Choice Healthcare Plan. By midway through practice, I was hacking and feverish again, and my back started spasming in a strange, serious way, in a spot where I’ve never had trouble before (yeah, I know – familiar story, post-chiropractor-visit).
I don’t know what the hell was wrong with us as a group, nor do I know why we so often bring our pouty faces to practice on the same night. So, I’m not suggesting that you let yourself wimp out during practice when really, you could be skating, but if you have the opportunity to just watch your team sometime, take it. All of us senior skaters should be well aware that we need to step it up to be sure we keep our slots on the travel roster. However, eventually everything shaped up, I think, and scrimmaging at the end of practice seemed to go pretty well and be quite productive. You get that little bursting-with-pride feeling in the chest, and you get to know your teammates’ styles of play a bit better.

Next weekend, Capitol Offenders will play Lafayette, LA’s Acadiana Good Times Rollers, and I can’t wait to sit back with a beer and cheer them on. RSRD beats on whoever’s there – even if it’s ourselves –so we can get better and better and eventually just totally dominate the Gulf Coast.
I felt guilty, like I really should have been out there, since my leg wasn’t broken or anything, but I think just sitting back for a minute was really good for me.
For one thing, I stopped thinking about my own performance and got to check out and appreciate everyone else (especially useful since I pivot sometimes). Actually, I already knew all these things, but each of them was reinforced last night, in a serious way.

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