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Otolaryngologists (also known Ear, Nose & Throat doctors) specialize in disorders of the head and neck ranging from hearing loss to cancer. His work on understanding Charles Babbage's calculating engines is Allan Bromley's greatest legacy.
His studies of the Antikythera mechanism led to the first working model of this ancient analog computer. Contibutor of scans to ISRM and donor of slide rules to the ISRM Loaner program for schools.
Nelson Magor Cooke - (1903-1965) was a leader in developing electronic schools of the United States Navy, the recipient of the Navy Commendation Medal and Medal for Humane Action, a post-war engineering entrepreneur, and an author of books on applied mathematics and basic electronics.
Eugene Dietzgen Company as director of The Newark Technical School (founded in 1881) in New Jersey.
Eshbach's diligence in organizing and administering the program was most evident during the Depression years of 1932 to 1937. The firm was incorporated in New Jersey in February 1889 and became Keuffel & Esser Company. Anton Wilhelm Faber - (1758-1810) The second generation of the company, Faber-Castell, was known as A.W.
Georg Leonhard Faber - (1788-1839) Georg Leonhard Faber headed the pencil factory, of what is now faber-Castell, from 1810. Lothar von Faber - (1817-1896) Following the death of his father Georg in 1839, Lothar Faber took over the pencil factory of A.W. Lothar traveled to all important European countries and visited the New World, founding his first sales company in New York in 1849. Baroness Otillie von Faber - (1877-1944) In 1898 Wilhelm von Faber's eldest daughter and designated heir Ottilie von Faber married Count Alexander Alexander zu Castell-Rudenhausen, a member of one of Germany's oldest noble families.
Wilhelm von Faber - (1851-1893) Son of Lothar von Faber, his only child, Wilhelm entered the company A.W. Count Alexander von Faber-Castell - (1866-1928) In 1898 Count Alexander Alexander zu Castell-Rudenhausen, a member of one of Germany's oldest noble families married Wilhelm von Faber's eldest daughter and designated heir Ottilie von Faber. Count Roland von Faber-Castell - (1905_1978) After the death of Count Alexander in 1928, his son Roland succeeded as head of the company. It was under Roland's watch that all slide rule and calculator manufacturing ceased in 1976. Jose received an electronics engineering degree in 1990 and started working in electronic products development for the fire detection and alarm market. His father bought him his first 'antique' slide rule at a flea market, while Jose was attending the university. John Fowler - (1721 - 1751 ) The Globe, Swithin (Sweetings) Alley, by the Royal Exchange, London. Collecting slide rules began when his father, an antiques dealer, gave an Everard Rule by Edward Roberts and now he concentrates on boxwood rules. It is located at theProfessional Training Programs (PTP) training facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Rechentechnische Sammlung museum collection which includes an information rich on-line catalogue of the slide rules and other calculating instruments from the collection. Edmund Gunter - London, England (1581 - 1626), Created a number line (the Gunter Scale) in 1620, in which the positions of numbers were proportional to their logs which graphically represented the work of John Napier. From 1982 to 1996, he was involved in information and telecommunications technology applications for the municipal bond industry. Since 2000 he has been a volunteer in the flight simulation group of the Cradle of Aviation Museum.
In retirement he contributed to professional journals and worked on logic and geometric puzzle games. They worked together to differentiate Japanese slide rules from those built in the US and Germany.
Curt Herzstark - (1902-1988) Designed the CURTA Calculator in the 1930s in Vienna, Austria.
Robley Rex Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Louisville, KY has not been evaluated by U.S. We have no data from commercial Medicare insurance products (Medicare Advantage) or from any private insurance plans.
Data from group practices in which procedures performed by any physician are always billed to one designated physician may overstate or understate an individual provider’s volume of a particular procedure. Data only include physicians who performed more than 10 of a given procedure in a reporting year.

University of Arizona Medical Center - South Campus in Tucson, AZ has not been evaluated by U.S. Donald Weed is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Miami, Florida and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Jackson Memorial Hospital and University of Miami Hospital. News in 12 adult specialties and 5 pediatric specialties and is nationally ranked in 5 pediatric specialties. If you consider yourself a serious collector and wish to be included, or wish to nominate an associate, I encourage you to do so.
Mentioned as an elected student in the Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, Volume 40 (1907-1908) page 411.
The October-December 2000 issue of the IEEE Annals of the History of Computingwas dedicated to him for the quality of his research on this subject. It was intended to facilitate measuring the dimensions, superficies, and solidity of timber. After improving the design, he republished his work under the title A Treatise of Measuring by a Two-foot Rule, which slides to a Foot (1682). When no work was available for the students participating in the MIT co-op program, he began the "Eshbach Handbook" project emplying young men, who had been laid off, to work on the project.
These were very difficult times, politically and economically, and he was unable to prevent business from falling off. The cabinet-maker Kaspar Faber produced his own pencils in Stein and sold them in the market at Nuremberg from 1761. There followed subsidiaries in London (1851) and Paris (1855) and agencies in Vienna (1872) and St.
Her grandfather Lothar had stipulated in his will that all his successors must bear the name Faber. As a symbol to a new high quality that would hold its own against all comers, he chose the picture of the 'jousting knights' of the pencil. Jose writes "In those days I found very little information on slide rules, even looking in the library at my university. Gerber's first patented invention was the Gerber Variable Scale, which he conceived in 1945 while he was a college student. In 1623 he published a description of this scale that is composed of two scales of the logarithms from I to 10 placed end to end. Kevin Potts is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Louisville, Kentucky and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Jewish Hospital and Kosair Children's Hospital.
Chad McDuffie is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Frisco, Texas and is affiliated with Methodist McKinney Hospital. News used 2012 and 2013 Medicare data to create a comprehensive list of medical procedures and identify high-volume physicians for individual procedures. Physicians who serve a younger population will be underrepresented and procedures such as labor and delivery will not appear at all.
For procedures that are grouped into a single unit, this may make some providers appear to have lower volumes than they otherwise would.
Abraham Jacob is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Tucson, Arizona and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including University of Arizona Medical Center and University of Arizona Medical Center - South Campus. David Carlson is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Jacksonville, Florida and is affiliated with Memorial Hospital. He received his medical degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.
Retired professor of didactics of mathematics, Ludwigsburg University of Education Germany. The son of the English rule maker, Zachariah Becher I, began making rules in New York in 1821 and was joined by his brother, William, in 1825. Australian historian of computing who became a world authority on many aspects of early computing and was one of the most avid collectors of mechanical calculators. With his original design and later improvements, Coggeshall's slide rule brought the tool its first practical use outside of mathematical study. He released a highly modified version in 1722 titled The Art of Practical Measuring easily performed by a Two-foot Rule which slides to a Foot. Navy as an Apprentice Seaman on 22 November 1920, and progressively rose in rank through Petty Officer and Warrant Officer to Lieutenant Commander before retiring on 1 May 1951.
Graduate Electronics Engineer working as a Geophysical Wireline Logging Engineer for an oilfield service company. The result was the Handbook of Engineering Fundamentals published in 1936 as one of the Wiley series of handbooks.

The little family firm flourished; Anton Wilhelm was able to buy land and increase the rate of production. After gaining experience by working for stationers in Paris and London, the major international trading centres of the day, he began to put the family business on quite a new footing. Although Napier conceived of the logarithm allowing multiplication or division to be accomplished by addition or subtraction, Napier relied on look up tables. He received his medical degree from University of Louisville School of Medicine and has been in practice between 11-20 years.
He received his medical degree from University of Texas Medical School and has been in practice between 11-20 years. Physicians are considered high volume in a procedure if the number they performed was above the average at the state or national level and the information passed a statistical confidence test.
He received his medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and has been in practice between 11-20 years.
He received his medical degree from Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine and has been in practice between 6-10 years. The 1914-1919 roll of service includes an Albert John Anido (sn 73845) of the Jerseymen of military age who fought in the First World War and the 21 March 1916 London Gazette lists the London Electrical Engineers: Corporal Albert John Anido to be Second Lieutenant (on probation) working with the anti-aircraft corps. Publications about mechanical calculators found at Museum mechanischer Rechenmaschinen and some about slide rules. Around 1831, another brother, Charles, joined the firm, and the company's name was changed from T. Currently working in the rainforests of Gabonand has worked in 37 different countries so far.
It was he who developed the modern quality pencil, defined standards for length and grades of hardness that still apply, and was also the first to make hexagonal pencils. Wilhelm, a sensitive and artistically inclined person, suffered greatly from this loss and himself died tragically young at the age of just 42. Gerber, a holocaust survivor, immigrated to Hartford, Conn., from Austria in 1940, and completed high school in two years while working full time. Leaving his job a few years after graduating, he drove around America for months at a time to visit engineering departments of military and industrial organizations. Before joining the UF faculty, Green had been a gunnery evaluation specialist and an operations analyst for the Army Air Force during World War II.
In some cases we treated similar procedures as a unit (for example, by combining the codes for draining a single skin abscess and multiple skin abscesses under “Skin abscess (boil) drainage”).
Cooke began professional writing in 1934, and continued with multiple-edition technical books throughout his life. Has translated many slide rule documents from Spanish and French to English, for the UKSRC and Journal of the Oughtred Society. He had developed specialized slide rules to solve technical issues faced by B-29 bombing raids, leading to his participation in one of the most dangerous B-29 missions that found the missing Japanese fleet, including the battleship Yamato.
He is one of 20 doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital and one of 32 at University of Miami Hospital who specialize in Otolaryngology.
Besides his slide rule patent, Albert Anido obtained GB 260,497 Indicating ringing of bells to operators in 1926. Trevor bought his first slide rule, an Aristo Scholar,to use at school, and his second one about 2007. He developed the Cooke Radio Slide Rule (K&E model 4139) which was produced by K&E from 1942-1967. Eshbach Award was established in 1948 by the first graduating class of what was then the Technological Institute, and was named in honor of the first dean (1939) of the institute. He is one of 33 doctors at Jewish Hospital and one of 29 at Kosair Children's Hospital who specialize in Otolaryngology. He is one of 15 doctors at University of Arizona Medical Center and one of 2 at University of Arizona Medical Center - South Campus who specialize in Otolaryngology. Gerber, who held nearly 650 patents, was awarded the National Medal of Technology in 1994, given to him by U.S.

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