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Welcome To Guadalupe ENT, PA Located in Seguin, Texas, Guadalupe ENT, PA is the practice of Dr. At Guadalupe ENT, we provide comprehensive Ear, Nose, and Throat care for patients of all ages. Our experienced office and medical team is not only fluent in Spanish, but they have also helped thousands of our patients to receive excellent Ear Nose and Throat care from your first phone call through your final post operative visit. Our expert Ear Nose and Throat Operating room staff at Eden Hospital have over 60 years of combined experience!
Information on this web site is provided for the benefit of our patients and referring physicians and should not be considered medical advice or a substitute for a consultation with a physician. Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, the San Francisco East Bay, and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Written by a Newport Beach Otolaryngologist and Laryngologist, the Newport Voice Blog is an educational resource for patients interested in voice,swallowing, and airway disorders.

Our surgeons are faculty members in the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio School of Medicine. Our care is founded on the basis of family, with each patient being treated as an important member who deserves the utmost quality of care and compassion.
To enhance your browsing experience, please upgrade to a more current browser such as Firefox, Safari or update to The Latest Internet Explorer version. Zeme was born and raised in Michigan and graduated from Medical School at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Scott has helped thousands of patients to hear better and is a vital member of our medical team.
Health information provided is not meant to take the place of advice and care from your personal physician.
He enjoys educating patients and health care providers, and lectures regularly to physicians and allied health professionals throughout California on nasal and sinus diseases.

For help with specific health problems you may be experiencing, please contact your physician who can properly evaluate your medical condition. Hennessee and our talented staff work individually with each patient to determine the most effective treatment that will help them feel their best, and then deliver those treatments through the most advanced, minimally invasive procedures currently available.
Hennessee specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of ear, nose, and throat disorders in pediatrics, and adults. Please feel free to explore our website and call us at (830) 379-0299 to schedule an appointment or consultation.

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