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Please use the form below to make an appointment or call 1-888-318-3183 or 407-299-7333 to make an appointment over the phone. I endured a very dry and itchy skin condition for years and tried three different doctors, two dermatologists and my family doctor. DMC Research MentorsResearch Mentorship for Medical Students and Residents at the Detroit Medical Center campusThe COM Office of Research will help match medical students or medical residents with faculty at MSU for research opportunities. Paul Stein, MD, Professor, Dept of Osteopathic Medical Specialties, MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, investigating pulmonary embolism. Jeffrey Schock, DO, FACOS, Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept of Surgical Specialties; Schock serves as Vice Chairman of Urology at Botsford Hospital. George Pope was born in Nashville, Tennessee and attended Louisiana State University School of Medicine, where he received his M.D.

Pope has three children and is active in the community as part of the LSU Alumni Association, a board member of the Make A Wish Foundation, a member of the Maitland Symphony Orchestra, and a medical volunteer at Walt Disney World.
Burnett accurately diagnosed my problem and performed the required surgery resulting in my condition being completely cured. Young, PharmD, BCPS, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology; clinical application of pharmacology or chronic disease state management.
Assisted in development of Clinical Cooperative Oncology Group in conjunction with the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG).
Available to assist with the development of interests in research and protocol development as needed. Pope,  MD, PA (1988-1992) and continued his practice over the years at Ear, Nose, and Throat and Plastic Surgery Associates (1992-1996), Plastic Surgery Specialists (1996-2005), and Orlando Plastic Surgery Center (2005-present).

Pope is the former Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery and has been an active staff at Orlando Health and Florida Hospital System since 1988. Pope is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at Florida State University and University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

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