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Antihistamines w Examples (Diphenhydramine) - Benadryl, Tylenol PM (Doxylamine Succinate) - Unisom (Clemastine) - Tavist (Promethazine HCl) - Phenergan Claritin Allegra Zyrtec ** many antihistamines also contain a decongest.
Cough Expectorant w Recommended for productive coughs w Facilitate production and ejection of mucus w Decrease viscosity w Examples Guaifenesin w Explain the logic of combining an expectorant with a suppressant?????
Pharmacological treatment of acute & chronic Rhinitis + Cough 1 By: Dr Alia AlShanawani Dr.
Seasonal Allergies: Antihistamines & the Future Jacquelyn Covarrubias CHEM 5389 April 24, 2007. Allergy Medications Oral Antihistamines: These medications are used to block the action of the histamine on the tissues. ALLERGIC RHNITIS - PREVALENCE n Affects 20-40 million Americans n ? 10% - 30% of adults n ? Up to 40% of children n ? More common young boys n but little.
Stuffy ears arena€™t an uncommon problem for both adults and children, and when someone suffers from ear congestion they can be very miserable. Although the buildup of earwax is the most common cause of stuffy ears, there are other conditions that can lead to this problem.
A cold virus could also cause stuffy ears; this is due to the fact that the sinuses are congested and the congestion can cause buildup of fluid in the ears.

To help you cope with the pain and discomfort of stuffy ears there are several home remedies that may bring you some relief. One method of clearing wax from your ears and relieving stuffy ears is by using an eyedropper to put some hydrogen peroxide in the ear. The feeling of stuffy ears may be caused by an ear infection; if this is the case there are two things you will likely want to do. In some cases if the feeling of stuffy ears is caused by a cold, or allergies a decongestant may help relieve your discomfort.
If you have a feeling of stuffy ears that it is accompanied by ear pain, headache, and ringing in the ears, there could be a serious health problem at the root of your symptoms. In most cases removing the earwax from the ears will get rid of that feeling of having stuffy ears, but if you cannot find relief, check with your doctor for more alternatives. Decongestants w Indications runny nose stuffy head sore throat some ear pain w Action - binds to alpha-1 receptors on blood vessels.
Endogenous chemical stored in mast cells involved in normal regulation of physiologic functions w What is an allergen? 2 Ventilation ? Refers to the movement of air in and out of the lungs through a series of air passages.

When traveling at high altitudes in an airplane your ears may start to feel stuffy and it will also be difficult to hear, also traveling in an automobile from a low altitude to a high altitude can cause the same thing. Heat the oil only until it is just above body temperature, then using an eyedropper place a few drops in each ear, after a few moments tilt your head so that the oil will run out. This involves lighting one end of the cone and place the other end in the ear; this causes a suction type reaction that will make the ear candle absorb the earwax. When there is too much of a buildup of earwax this can lead to ear pain, as well as hearing problems.
When you move to a lower altitude, it will feel as if your ears are clogged, and when they pop it could cause some pain. If you have these symptoms it is important that you see an ear specialist as soon as possible to rule out any serious illnesses.
The next thing you will need to do is contact your healthcare provider, as ear infections should be treated with antibiotics.

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