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A 22-year-old woman of Indian ethnicity complained about a spontaneously painful, sessile mass located on the posterior aspect of the ear.
Laughing Buddha’s body piercing specialists are some of the most experienced professional piercers in the Seattle, WA area.
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It is best to avoid people who do not have proper equipment or staff trained to pierce your baby\’s ears.
Ensure that the piercing is done in hygienic conditions, so do check the hygiene levels at the doctor\’s clinic. Dr Paulose FRCS, DLO is a Consultant ENT Plastic & Laser Surgeon with over 38 years of world class experience in Ear, Nose, Throat and Laser Surgery treating patients across the world from UK, US, Middle East to Asia. Circle of Moms is a place to respectfully debate parenting topics and questions, from whether it's okay to use child leashes, to what's an appropriate amount of television for your child to watch, to the benefits of bottle feeding vs.
I had my ears pierced at a baby and when I was about 3 years old while I was sleeping my hair got tangled in my earring and ripped it through my ear, my ear was slit in 2 for almost 10 years before my parents had it fixed. I think you should be atleast 14 so that you can make your own decisions what if you didnt want your ears peirced that young? I'm very disappointed that your reasons for NOT piercing an infants ears don't include metal allergies that might can be potentially hazardous.

Our daughter know that when she has her first menstrual period we will celebrate this by having her ears pierced if she wishes. One of the reasons we didn't do this to her as an infant was the chance that the trauma of the peircing might cause problems with breastfeeding, and we didn't want to jeopardize that relationship. Now, I didn't make my decision lightly - because I am a Mom and I don't want to hurt my child. I got a couple of snide remarks from some of the others waiting to get their ears pierced and I tried like everything to get the 10 year-old that was in line behind us to go before the baby, but she just wouldn't.
We’re very proud to offer premium boutique body jewelry from Glasswear Studios,  Anatometal, Neometal, Body Vision LA, Glassheart Studios and much more! Hold your baby comfortably but firmly so that her head does not move about too much while the ear is being pierced.
Dozens of conversations on Circle of Moms debate the issue, and over 700 of you voted in our poll asking, "At what age should you pierce girls' ears?" The results show that the two camps both have very strong support. Moms in favor of ear piercings for babies emphasize that naysayers exaggerate the permanence of ear piercings. Because babies' ears still have growing to do, some babies with pierced ears encounter centering problems as they grow up. I got my ears repierced in high school (after having my ear stitched back together) and it was not at all a traumatizing experience but ripping my earring from my ear and dealing with an ear slit in 2 for most my childhood was.
I've waited to make sure she didn't change her mind since I assumed it'd be years down the road before she requested it. Piercing the first lobe is usually easy, however once the lobe is pierced your baby may cry and seem very upset. Some 44 percent chose two months to one year as the ideal age for ear-piercing, while 36 percent argued for the 5–17 year age range.
Amy, whose ears were pierced as a baby and became off-center as she grew, argued to wait until a child's ears are no longer growing: "I say wait.

Now I don't even wear earrings but still have holes from the piercings, so yes it is permanent, my ears will never look like they did before being pierced. Pierce them." Many moms agree with Lorraine's position, arguing that the vast majority of women get their ears pierced, so the end result is the same as waiting.
I don't think that ear piercing is wrong or cruel, I just think it's a decision that the child can make for themselves," explained Jaime L.
I have an 8 month old daughter and I would love to have her ears pierced because it looks cute, but to me it's not worth the risk of her having to go through the painful and traumatizing situation I did. I didn't decide to have mine done until I was about 12, but she's more courageous than I was at her age. By far, the most common argument against infant piercings is that the child should be the one making this decision, not the parent.
I really just don't understand the reason for having them done as an infant so people know it's a girl. They only got to wear them one summer because schools around here don't allow boys to have pierced ears and you can't tell they!!! The comment on the centering of the piercing and wait till ear stops growing is just down right wrong.
Your ears and nose are the two body parts that will continuously grow till the day you day.
I was 18 when I got my second set of piercings above the original and had to have another whole redone because it wasn't centred right. If she doesn't like them when she is older, she can take them off, and things will be back to how it was before.

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