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Samantha M., too, would like to get her 3-month-old daughter's ears pierced but is not sure when or where to get it done. Before getting your baby's ears pierced, many readers recommend you consult your pediatrician. Once your doctor has given the "all clear," then moms generally recommend you pierce your baby's ears at a young age. For these reasons, readers recommend that if you don't pierce your baby's ears when she's an infant, wait until she's a tween or teen and asks for it.
During the actual piercing, several readers recommended going to a shop where two staff people can perform the piercings on each earlobe at the same time.
Once the piercings are done, remember to keep the holes clean, and monitor your baby for any allergic reactions.
If you're really concerned about an allergic reaction, talk to your baby's pediatrician to get more information — or wait until another time, Brittny C. I don't care what other moms do either way, but I prefer to wait until my daughter satisfies two conditions: she is old enough to ask for me to bring her to have her ears pierced and she is old enough to take care of them herself.

Yet if you're sold on the idea of getting your baby some bling, here are four tips to make it as pain- and problem-free as possible. He or she will be the best professional to assess whether your baby's ears are a suitable size for earrings. An infant is less likely to tug on her ears, so it makes the holes less noticeable and easier to clean, Melissa O. Are moms so worried that their girl may be mistaken for a boy that they have to take their kids to get their ears pierced? I think inflicting pain on a child of any age without a sound medical reason for it is absolutely wrong. Additionally, a pediatrician should determine what vaccines your child should need prior to piercing.
If you wait until your child is between 4 and 6 years old, it's more challenging to keep their hands clean and away from the holes as they heal, she explained. But my pharmacist said to wait until 1 year, because if it's done while she's too small the holes might be skew later on.

Some mall jewelry stores, for instance, require parents to show their child's shot records before piercing, Ciera W. Circumcision at least has a religious reason and helps keep the little guy's nether region cleaner, but there is just no reason to pierce a baby's ears except the mothers vanity. More important than records is the advice of a doctor, who can assess when your child is healthy and has enough immunity built up to decrease the chance of infection.
Alecia D.'s doctor, for example, told her to wait a couple of weeks after the 2-month vaccines. Amber A.'s doctor was more conservative, asking Amber to wait until her daughter was 6 months old. A pediatrician often can provide additional assistance by performing the piercing, Jennifer P.

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