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As for Kyla, she was able to avoid surgical treatment because she came to the Emergency room late that night, giving up her plans with her friends and keeping her mom up late.  Although she had to remove her piercing studs for the infection to heal well, I am hopeful she will have minimal scarring and be able to re-pierce her ear after the infection resolves.
So this weekend saw 2 of my friends regretting that they hadn’t taken the effort to get their girls ears pierced early on. Super model Gisele received a lot of comments when she posted this picture of 7 month old Vivian with her ears pierced and defending her stance.
While clearly I am no doctor to be recommending this and just a fellow mom, here is how we went about doing this. For first time parents it may seem traumatic but it’s a lot easier and almost like a vaccination prick.
If you have diabetes, you will need to bring a note from your GP confirming that you can have your ears pierced (and are not likely to have healing problems). The cartilage is the firm tissue which gives the ear, nose or other parts of the body ita€™s shape and structure.
By its very nature, ear piercing carries the risk of infection and this should be considered before you consent to treatment.
By signing this form I certify that I have read the CAFLON EAR PIERCING DECLARATION and that I have read and received a copy of the After Care Procedure and understand the risk of infection it not faithfully followed. Cleanse front and back of the ear 2 times a day with CAFLON Natural Solution without removing studs. The piercing area should be CLEANSED with CAFLON Natural Solution, then kept DRY, especially after bathing, swimming or exercise. Push the butterfly along the post towards the ear - the butterfly must always be positioned of the tip of the post.
After 6 weeks (12 weeks for cartilage), the stud can be removed and other post-type earrings may be worn continuously. So, out in Des Moines, I was helping my mother-in-law with an errand when Vivian decided it was time to get her ears pierced.

Besides, watching Vivian nerve herself up to take the piercing, I realized how important it was for Vivian that she do this.
What I was less sure about, on the other hand, was the parents that decided to give their three-month old an ear piercing.
All words and images featured in this domain, which are not copyright to other copyright holders, are copyright to this website, and cannot be used with impunity. I’ve included a picture of her ear with the piercing studs still in place, and a picture of her ear after the earrings were removed and the piercings cleaned.  We didn’t realize how bad the infection was until the earrings were removed. If you suspect you have a health problem, you should seek immediate care with the appropriate health care professionals.
Make sure you try doing it between 3- 5 months when the child is still exclusively breastfed or on Formula Milk.
Pick a time when your child sleeps through for a longer stretch like after the morning massage and feed. There is not the same kind of a€?built-ina€? protection against infection in cartilage as there is in the soft part of the ear (the ear lobe).
Understanding the risks I consent to have my ear(s) pierced by an employee of this premises and to extent permissible by law I willfully assume all responsibility for injury or loss of any kind that may be associated with this ear piercing procedure.
I have read and understand the following information which is of considerable importance in taking precautions to avoid any possible problems arising from the treatment. If signed as a parent or legal guardian on behalf of a minor, I will hold myself liable and will indemnify the premises in the event such a minor makes a claim as a result of the ear piercing procedure. After shampooing, the ear should be rinsed with clear water and then cleansed with CAFLON Natural Solution as described above. She was terrified, and being very, very brave, so getting through it would be a major life’s accomplishment for her.
The kid was clearly not happy about it — though it was more about being held in place than the piercing itself.

You may link to any page on this website, and you may quote me, but before using any material found on this site more than that, you must first obtain permission from the copyright holder. The information in this web site is not a substitute for professional care, and must not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. We do not offer or recommend cartilage piercings as it has been known to cause damage to the cartilage and is prone to infection. If you are unhappy after having your ears pierced you will not receive any compensation unless therapist negligence is proven.
If signed as parent or legal guardian on behalf of a minor, I will hold myself liable and will indemnify the premises and manufacturer in the event such minor makes any claim as a result of this ear piercing procedure.
The opinions expressed in the posts are those of the individual writers, not necessarily St. I took that decision for my kids like I take a lot of other decisions given that they would eventually love wearing earrings and it will be less painful for them. BJC HealthCare and Washington University School of Medicine assume no liability for the information contained in this web site or for its use. If they decide to not have their piercings any more than its going to be quite simple anyways.
I am infact anticipating more piercings in the times to come so I am sure my girls are not going to mind this at all.

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